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APRIL 2003 - 08/04/2003

What is it about crop circles that results in researchers sometimes being unable to think straight within them? MICHAEL GLICKMAN looks into the strange experience of ‘befuddlement’, as well as taking a swipe at English Heritage’s continuing silence on their activities at Silbury Hill…


JANUARY 2003 - 09/01/2003

Back in 2000, the crop circle community found itself directly involved in the business surrounding the hole which appeared in the top of ancient Silbury Hill, for a number of controversial reasons. Three years later, is this vital heritage site and sacred place, alongside its cousins, being willfully neglected and abused, asks MICHAEL GLICKMAN..?


DECEMBER 2002 - 01/12/2002

Now getting down to the business of sifting through important but neglected evidence, MICHAEL GLICKMAN turns his attention to some of the most astonishing instances of lights and luminosities in connection with the appearance of formations, and reopens the Pandora’s Box of Oliver’s Castle 1996…


NOVEMBER 2002 - 11/11/2002

With his last word on the 80% / 20% business, Michael Glickman closes off his recent past and looks to the future…


AUGUST 2002 - 15/08/2002

In the second part of his stirring and controversial examination of Colin Andrews’s “80% man-made” theories, MICHAEL GLICKMAN looks further into the alleged evidence behind them…


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