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JUNE 2001 - 12/06/2001


Like many of us, I agonized for years over who caused the greatest damage to the public perception of the crop circles.

There had been the early flurries involving well-known ‘personalities’ and several unknowns, including Les (sic) Presley. Two ex-Chairmen of the CCCS (behind the times as always) are even now attempting to gain ground by publicly interviewing sad little Mattie Williams.

It became clear, however, that the true battle for succession would be between ‘King’ Andrews, the world’s leading crop circle authority, and Peter “Indian Tracking Skills” Sorensen. And then last year, in a cunning master-stroke that left no room for manoeuvre, Andrews marshaled his considerable PR apparatus and launched what was to become known as the ‘Andrews Kamikaze 80% Attack’. So comprehensive was the media bluster, so complete the refusal to give out information, that the widely held view was that Andrews had at last attained his ambition. He was King!

Then recently, at the start of the season, Sorensen delivered a deft – and possibly unchallengeable – reply. He stated in the ‘Peter’s Point of View’ component of his homepage that “after a dozen years of studying the circles, in my opinion they are probably all man-made…”

Now this is the definitive counter-attack and knock-out blow. Colin must be as astonished by this tricky move, as we are.
The brilliance, the sheer audacity, of responding to Colin’s 80% claim with this sneaky “ALL man-made” move leaves Sorensen as the undisputed King. The only possible reaction from Andrews (and we may expect the total media blitz later in the season) is the “120% are hoaxed” claim.

Question: At any point during the past few years did either Colin “I’ll tell you later” Andrews or Peter “I’ve been sworn to secrecy” Sorensen ever provide evidence to substantiate their delusional position and to show that just one circle was hoaxed?

Answer: No!

Question: Have either Andrews or Sorensen ever shown the slightest regret at the damage that they have caused by their noisily trumpeted opinions?

Answer: No!

Question: Now that they have done their best to debunk this gracious phenomenon, may we now expect that they will retire (as so often promised)?

Answer: No!



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