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Following his recent Swirled News article (June 2006) on the Wylatowo balls of light in Poland, GLEN AOYS looks more deeply into what he personally believes is behind the lights phenomenon...

These are the esoteric findings on the Balls of Light (BOLs). As these objects are multi-dimensional, as we can see on the pictures from the Wylatowo Balls of Light, I think we must look to esoteric readings/books from the Seth Material or the Datre Material. Both are cosmic intelligences speaking through mediums and living in the dimensions that we can reach after our death. I have much more from Seth placed on a website, please see:

Here below you see an extract I made about the ‘ANU’. I think it’s the nearest we can get in understanding the objects! We will search further in the esoteric as to what these Balls of Light might be. Another writer and trance medium is called Aona, with John as the person who is putting the lectures on paper. Through Aona there are cosmic intelligences coming through, which are calling themselves ‘DATRE’. The ones that calls themselves ‘Datre’ never lived in a physical body before. They are energy and they exist in the cosmos. They develop, live and experiment with it. In fact they experiment with universes, even develop them and watch what is happening.

In my search for solutions, I want to put some extracts of the Datre lectures in the spotlight. Here is an extract of “Datre Book III: The Fifth Dimension-Doorways to the Universe”. In this chapter, Datre is discussing the nature of the particle universe we live in. What Seth calls the ‘CU’, Datre calls the ‘ANU’. It seems clear that they mean the same thing.

I thank John for the permission to use and place "The Datre Material".


DATRE about the ANU:

”In order to best answer the question of how things work, we will begin at the very beginning. The smallest unit of ‘something’ in your particle universe is what has been called by its clairvoyant discoverers, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant, the ‘Anu’. This Anu and the clairvoyant discoveries that led up to it were detailed in their 1919 publication, "Occult Chemistry". We had John do this research for us. So, we would like to use those discoveries to help explain how this 'particle' and ‘dream’ universe works. As we in Datre said in "We Are Datre, Book Two", those in Datre were playing with some pieces of 'thought' energy when they discovered that some of them would stick together and others would repel one another.

[They attract and repel; we can see that happening on the pictures of the Wylatowo BOLs.]

This discovery resulted in so many of these stuck-together pieces of energy that it was necessary to form a new universe to put them into, so as to not disturb other activities in the 'raw' or 'natural' universe. In this new 'particle' universe these pieces of thought energy began forming themselves into large - at least in numbers - arrangements, which we will now call ‘Anu's’.

Each of these Anu contained a vast number of individual pieces of these stuck together energies and since we do not know numbers we will use Mr Leadbeater’s estimates, which were some fourteen thousand million (14,000,000,000) individual pieces.

These two clairvoyant discoverers also found that it took some 18 of these Anu's to form one of your scientists’ smallest atoms, the hydrogen atom. This arrangement we are calling the Anu, is the first organisation of the little pieces of ‘thought’ energy that we had found would stick together. This Anu being formed out of raw ‘thought’ energy is the basis for the form of ‘awareness’ that your particle universe uses, called consciousness.

This Anu is the primary unit out of which all other ‘stuff’ within your dream and physical universe are formed. Now, with the vast number of individual pieces of energy in an Anu, you can see where all the different configurations of these pieces form all your different atoms.

There is a statement of possible confusion in the clairvoyant research of Leadbeater and Besant that we would like to clear up. When clairvoyants begin to ‘see’ an object of investigation, the object being investigated must be mentally separated from its natural surroundings – in the case of an atom, usually a molecule of some kind – in order to mentally pry into its make up.

Now, as you have discovered, your planetary bubble keeps expanding because nothing in the whole particle universe stops at any point. Even the particle universe, as a whole, never stops expanding. This Anu is the primary unit out of which all other ‘stuff’ within your dream and physical universe are formed.

This Anu being formed out of raw ‘thought’ energy is the basis of the form of ‘awareness’ that your particle universe uses, called consciousness. So, we can say that the only things that are ‘real’ in your physical or dream universe are the ‘Anu,’ ‘thought energy,’ the ‘beings’ and the ‘ideas’ or blueprints of particle reality stuff.”



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