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EGIL FYLLING reports yet another sighting of anomalous objects over Wiltshire crop formations...

This summer, on 31 July 2006 between 11.30 AM and 3.30 PM, I took some interesting photos in Wiltshire, England, at East Field/Adam's Grave, Silbury Hill and West Kennett Long Barrow.

The pictures show metallic-looking balls - or something of that kind - flying in the air, but also two classical 'balls of light' above the crop circle formation at West Overton Hill/East Kennett.

One of the pictures shows a helicopter hovering in the air (above Adam's Grave), probably observing the objects shown in the photographs.

The pictures are displayed on my website, with a more comprehensive report on the event:

They are under the link "Balls of light". On this page you may also download free videos of crop circles and music, and a video montage of the event described above.



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