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NO MORE THE FOOL - 04/10/2006

A formation found at Alton Barnes on 28 July 2006 appeared to some to represent the ‘Fool’ from the Tarot pack, though not everyone was happy with it (some said it was a tribute to the late Paul Obee, a recently-deceased human circlemaker). However, others feel its meaning is very relevant and SHARON PACIONE has circulated the following extract from a book on the Tarot...

The Fool is a personal favourite. Its message is beautiful, speaking to the evolution of consciousness as the Alpha and the Omega.

Here’s the meaning of the ‘Fool’ Tarot Card from the book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle” by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker:


“Tarot Symbolism: (Key 0 and 22) - The Fool (before and after). The master number 22 holds a unique position in the Tarot deck. Theoretically, the Major Arcana begins at key 1 and continues through key 21. The Minor Arcana begins at 23, the King of Wands, and continues on to 78, the Ten of Pentacles. The Fool, as key 0, stands by itself, representing the God force. 22 would seem to be missing; however, since cyclicity is the essence of life, there can be no ending. Therefore, the Fool, key 0, is the life force before entering manifestation, and 22 is that same key 0, the Fool, having walked the 21 keys of the Major Arcana to complete that full cycle and step once more beyond the present incarnation. 22 is the ancient numerical symbol for a circle, and therefore represents the Alpha and Omega...

The word ‘fool’ comes from the Latin, ‘follis’, meaning ‘a bag of wind’. Every genius is called a fool at some time, and that which contains air or breath could be called a bag of wind; therefore, we are the Fool in that sense. The Fool is the super-conscious, pictured here as having room to take one more step. This indicates that we never come to the limit of our potentials.

The White Sun is the universal radiant energy eternally rising, for it can never reach its zenith. The mountains indicate attainment. They are cold and uninteresting to many, but from their peaks melting snow feeds the streams and makes the valley fertile. So, too, ancient wisdom will feed your consciousness and transform your life.

The Fool's wreath symbolises victory. His wand is a measuring tool by which we continually evaluate our accomplishments. His wallet contains memories of the past, and the eagle on the wallet symbolises the awakening of higher vision toward loftier aspirations.

The dog under the Fool's control is the subhuman forms of life that are elevated by the evolution of the consciousness. The white rose in the Fool's left hand indicates that his desire is pure or spiritual and untainted by lower desires and passions.

The Fool here is the cosmic life force about to descend, inexperienced, into the world of manifestation.

Astrological Correspondence: earth (and Uranus). Since the master number 22 reduces to a 4, the earth holds dominion in this vibration, coupled with Uranus, which is assigned to key 0, the Fool.

Consciousness is a state of mind. The presence of Uranus here links the super-conscious to the earthly power indicated by the 22/4. A blending of spiritual conscious awareness with the proper use and control of the world's material offerings, including the body itself, gives the perfect state of being. Once this has been achieved, the individual is no longer bound by earthly considerations, but merely uses them with reverence and respect.”




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