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24-HOUR CROPPIE PEOPLE - 24/05/2006

HUGH ROZMAN wonders why more 24-hour camera surveillance of crop fields isn’t carried out…

I don't understand why 24 hour cameras are not placed in those fields where crop circles appear frequently. Would this not have the capability of potentially catching a crop circle in the making?

If all crop circles are man-made why don't we find a crop circle half-finished?



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: Such surveillance experiments have been tried many times, starting with Colin Andrew’s ‘Operation White Crow’ in 1989, and repeated by several different researchers, TV ventures and projects since – see also our Headlines report this month on the events at Wylatowo, Poland. Discounting the very controversial 1996 Oliver’s Castle footage (the only claimed footage of a crop circle clearly forming), interesting things have been filmed in this way, but nothing absolutely definitive. The trouble is, even in known circle areas, having the camera trained in exactly the right place for exactly the same time is never going to be anything more than a rough gamble, and these experiments have proved expensive and time-consuming to mount. Special cameras have to be bought or hired, they have to be maintained, a constant rota of volunteer staff has to be found as equipment can be stolen if left alone, etc. But this doesn’t mean others shouldn’t try! If anyone out there has the money, time and resources and wants to try again, then go for it. The more people who try such things, the more chance of something being caught in the act.

As for half-finished formations, there actually have been some which have displayed this quality (and there have been a few clearly-abandoned disasters), but the general wholeness and overall lack of human error found over the years does indeed suggest that not as many formations are man-made as some make out… or we’re dealing with genius landscapers that ought to be earning money from their talents in some far more profitable way – Ed


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