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MILK MAN - 29/05/2006

NEIL HUDSON NEWMAN has a new website about the famous Milk Hill 2001 formation, and even the Prime Minister is reportedly interested…

I've just been invited to talk for the Sauniere Society at their next symposium, in Folkestone on October 22 [I've given them many other lectures], and I thought you'd be interested to know that I've decided to use the opportunity to put in the public domain information that I have pertaining to the massive Milk Hill crop circle of August 2001.

I surveyed that structure and felt obliged to communicate a number of my findings to the UK government who responded positively: I was told that the Prime Minister had been 'interested to read' one of my detailed missives. Having now concluded that that reply from Downing St would not have been despatched unless they were happy for me to disseminate what I've found, I've decided to make the material widely available.

I'm confident that what I have to say will settle the argument once and for all as to who was responsible for that structure - and those who have been ridiculed for their interest in crop circles will receive a massive boost.

My website is now up and running:



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