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WICKED PEDIA - 01/06/2006

Someone keeps putting up circle sceptic stuff on the Wikipedia open encyclopedia website. Letís stop them, says STEVE DAUGHS...

Hi Swirled heros! :-)

You may be aware of an internet encyclopaedia, user written and edited, called WIKIPEDIA:

There is an entry in WIKIPEDIA for CROP CIRCLES which has been written, with pseudo authoritarian-airs and ridicule in all the right places, to convince readers that crop circles are a jokester activity. Using the WIKIPEDIA-user editing tools, I have re-written the piece, correcting the errors of the older existing piece. I saved my edit in a seperate file because I knew that it would get changed back to the old, fake version. Today I checked the file, and seeing that it had indeed been changed back, I changed it again by opening the page-edit-tool and pasting my saved file back in there.

But the reason I am writing to you is this: I am not the expert on this wonderful subject, and so my corrected version leaves much to be desired. I am hoping that YOU (or somebody you like) would do a better correction and periodically repair the WIKIPEDIA text. After generating the file, it only takes seconds to replace the bogus one, which is certain to be swapped in again after some time.

If you have the patience, I hope you read my correction so that you might even like to use my descriptive phrases such as "believers in the jokester theory". I like to turn the idea of "believers" back to point in the correct direction; namely, to point to those who fall for the ridiculous debunker line.

But I defer to you folks. All the best!



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: No! Donít defer to us! Much as we appreciate Steve's confidence, we cannot fight all battles. Itís up to everyone out there who cares and has at least a basic knowledge of the circle phenomenon to also do their bit when they have time. Weíre grateful to Steve for raising an important awareness of a source which many people do refer to these days (for good or for ill), but ALL croppies are encouraged to check in on the Wikipedia website from time to time and to add or change the total sceptic line where they can. Balance, at least, should be represented on that site Ė Ed


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