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SORE-ENSEN POINT - 02/06/2006

PETER SØRENSEN still doesn’t think the 1996 Oliver’s Castle video is real...

I want to express my appreciation for Martin Johnson's thoughtful article which you have posted [December 2005] about the Oliver's Castle lights video, in which he references the article I wrote shortly after the event (thanks for providing the URL for my page, Martin).

Curiously, I hadn't watched the video in several years, but did so the night before last. The single most crucial bit of evidence that it really is computer animation is the fact that there's no motion of the BOLs between the electronic ‘fields’ of the video frames. (See ‘The Smoking Gun’ section of my article - just below the photo of Polly Carson - for a full explanation.)

Wishing the world Peace for the New Year [and, O, Divinity: while you're at it, hear my fervent prayer, and extricate that demonic moron from the White House!]



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