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The first UK formation of the year at Alfriston, East Sussex on May 21st, has special relevance to MAUREEN COWEN...

Although this circle is not particularly spectacular, its location is very relevant to me and I am personally wowed by it! I live in London, but my mother lives in Eastbourne. In April this year I was visiting her, together with my husband and sister, and we decided to go for an outing to Alfriston - I had not been there for a number of years. We had a very enjoyable time, and had lunch at the Star Inn.

For Beltane I did a special ceremony, and as part of it I requested the Circle Makers to do a circle for my birthday (6th May), with certain associations - a star, yellow flower, feline and canine references. I was, of course, very disappointed that there were no formations reported at all, anywhere. This Alfriston one, then, comes as a real sit-up-and-take-notice for me - it might well have been laid down in early May, and on 21st May I was again travelling to Eastbourne and passed along the A27 near to Alfriston. If I had known about the report then I would have gone to see it immediately!

Whilst the circle itself does not seem to have any relevance to the associations I chose (except the yellow flower, as it was in rapeseed), the proximity to the Star Inn links to the star, and there is a carving of a lion outside (feline). There was also a carving of a dog at the inn.

Of course I realise I am reading rather a lot into this, and the circle might not even be genuine - it just seems a remarkable set of coincidences.

Alfriston, East Sussex, 21 May 2006 (photo: ANDY THOMAS)
Alfriston, East Sussex, 21 May 2006 (photo: ANDY THOMAS)


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