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CROOKED SOUL-LEY - 14/12/2005

Allan Brown and John Michell’s recent book on the 2002 formation at Crooked Soley has inspired these thoughts from BRADLEY YORK BARTHOLOMEW…


In their recent book ‘Crooked Soley: A crop circle revelation’, Allan Brown and John Michell draw attention to the sacred geometry in the pattern of this exquisite crop circle that went down in a remote corner of Wiltshire in late August 2002. The field was actually harvested only hours after the crop circle was discovered, but fortunately Steve Alexander was able to take some wonderful photos before the crop circle was obliterated.

Brown and Michell have done an extensive analysis of the geometry in the pattern and they conclude that the DNA motif contains 504 curved squares of standing crop, and there are 792 curved squares of flattened crop that enables the DNA to stand out in relief. These numbers represent a sacred geometry that is to be found in a great many ancient sacred sites, including Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Plato in his ‘Laws’ describes the ideal city that has 5040 citizens, and the institutions of that city as well as the radius of the city are based also on that number. Likewise the radius of the Heavenly City in the vision of St John is again this number of 5040.

5040 is actually factorial 7 (7!) and is the result of 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 as well as the result of 7 x 8 x 9 x 10. This is therefore a pivotal number for all systems based on real numbers that impact on every facet of life. Michell also explains that the same numbers appear in the dimensions of the Earth and the moon. The Earth’s mean diameter is 7920 miles and the sum of the radii of the Earth and the moon is 5040 miles. Brown and Michell conclude that the Crooked Soley crop circle is a direct communication from the Goddess of all Creation. They say that it is a sign that the current era is drawing to a close.

The fact that the Crooked Soley crop circle depicts an unbroken strand of DNA around the circumference is most significant. There is now a great deal of research material that indicates a divine or creative intelligence in the DNA. There are the findings of the Russian molecular biologists, Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr Vladimir Popinin, that DNA has a mysterious resonance that continues to manifest even after the DNA sample has been physically removed. This has been termed the ‘DNA Phantom Effect’. These same researchers have found that the DNA reacts to voice-activated laser light provided the correct frequency is found. Using these methods it is possible to actually communicate with the DNA, as well as change the information patterns in the DNA. The Russian researchers have observed that the DNA acts as a solitonic/holographic computer, and that it acts as a superconductor at body temperature. In addition it is known that the DNA is emitting light photons, and it has been concluded that this resonance and these emissions of the DNA are capable of interacting with conventional electromagnetic forces, the natural magnetic resonances of the earth, as well as the brain waves of living creatures.

Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in their book ‘Vernetzte Intelligenz’, deduce from these findings, as well as the findings of fluctuating magnetic wormholes in the DNA by Finnish physicist Matti Pitkänen, that there is a hypercommunicating networked intelligence that underpins all life in the Universe, and indeed the Universe itself.

It is argued that this networked intelligence in the DNA is in fact the creator of the Universe, and it is the soul of all living beings. The Crooked Soley crop circle, with its DNA motif, is the image of the soul.

The full article can be found on the website ‘The Spiritual Genome’:


Allan Brown and John Michell. ‘Crooked Soley. A crop circle revelation’. East Sussex: Roundhill Press, 2005.

Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf. ‘Vernetzte Intelligenz’ [Networked Intelligence]. Aachen: Omega, 2003.



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