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VITAL POINTS - 15/12/2005

SHARON RAMSEY has been reading the book ‘Vital Signs’, by Swirled News editor Andy Thomas, which has provoked the following controversial thoughts on the origins of crop circles...

I just finished reading ‘Vital Signs’, and it is a wonderful book, particularly for my introduction to crop circles (beyond a basic awareness that they were growing in complexity, of course). My recent five years have been spent reading Alternative History, mainly Sitchin, Hancock, Gardner, and about 20 others. I have a couple comments on the content of Vital Signs (beyond enthusiastic compliments):

1) On how Crop Circles originate...

I didn't see one possibility (that I had always assumed) discussed in the book, namely the idea that MOST OF THE CROP CIRCLES ARE NOT MEANT FOR US! I think the Earth is both a turning point in space for travellers and could be a trading station still. Readers of Zecharia Sitchin will know that vast amounts of minerals were mined from the earth by the Annunaki and exported away. Thus some types of glyphs could be signatures of particular groups of travellers... pictographs, Fibonacci series, embedded circles, etc., and the variations could be descriptive of their particular subgroup/cargo/destination. Supporting this idea is that (a) there is a theory that there is a underwater North Sea (or Arctic) ET base. Flying over the South of England, particularly in historic times, could have been on the flight path for a dive into the North Sea. Additional support... (b) Certain fields are used a lot, with new ones now "cropping up" (pun intended) just SE of England in Holland and Germany. Certain fields for certain alien groups? Traffic activity growing? Another reason, perhaps, is that a good table of water under the earth is desirable for cooling down the glyph right after formation, in order to prevent a fire.

2) On their responsiveness to the thoughts and comments of people interested in them.

Absolutely. James Forrester, a Cabinet member when the saucer(s) crashed at Roswell, commented that the living Little Grey that had survived for a brief time had communicated with him telepathically. Forrester kept a diary, to be published upon his death, and, of course, it wasn't. (Don't get me started on motives for the world-wide government cover-ups).

3) On the Chilbolton and alien faces.

(A) The Chilbolton head looks like an ancient MESOAMERICAN OLMEC HEAD to me. The history of the Olmecs is, of course, that they arrived without any build-up/precedent, did amazing things, and left without leaving much of a trace except for their monumental architecture. The UFO lore acknowledges the Little Greys, who both abhor the Annunaki and who also state that both they and the Annunaki are controlled by another, third group. At Chilbolton, the tiny figure in the returned "copycat" glyph with the telling alterations in count of planets, atmosphere, etc. is obviously a Little Grey. But the accompanying head is humanoid, which I think represents the superior group. Maybe this Superior Group historically manifested themselves in great power (in MesoAmerica) and holograph themselves to those they rule simply as heads. Are the Superior Rulers really corporeal? Probably, but I wouldn't know.

(B) The other alien face is, I fear, SET DOWN BY the Annunaki. (I am assuming most people know the history of the Annunaki with regard to the human race - a race they created as slaves. I am further assuming most people know of the Enki/Enlil rivalry within the Annunaki - Enki being pro-human and Enlil being the ancient Jehovah, God of wrath and willing to kill off great quantities of people who didn't obey him.) So what is going on with it? The Little Greys send down a message specifically to earthlings, responding to our transmission (and probably breaking the rules). It is one of the few crop circles meant especially for us. It is a message of friendliness. It's also a protest against the coming Annunaki return to rule. The astrological Age is changing from Pisces to Aquarius. Aquarius is the domain of Anu (Uranus), father of both Enki and Enlil. Readers of Sitchin will remember that the Age of Taurus (the bull) was ruled by Marduk, Enki's son, but whose personality was similar to Enlil's. In 2012, the ruler of the Earth will change from the Annunaki ruler of Pisces to the Annunaki ruler of Aquarius. My candidate for the ruler of Pisces was Jesus. My reading leads me to think that Jesus may be Enki's great-grandson, grandson, and son (look at the angelic "visitations" upon Mary, her mother and grandmother, whereupon each conceived)... and Jesus' symbol is the fish. His original (Egyptian Mystery School - Enki-based) teachings were hijacked by the Catholic Church, who suppressed his lineage and thus prevented his family line from continuing his rule. In 2012, Anu (Uranus) should rule, but he will probably be dead, and Enlil will likely be in charge. It will be a time of a god of wrath (hence the floods and earthquakes predicted) and of a god insisting on total obedience. Earth will again be a subject planet, not ruled by the Son of Man (as Jesus universally described himself). That other alien face looks like ET in the Spielberg movie. Those features would be a benign cultural symbol to us earthlings (a nice, earth-friendly, plant-gathering, small-statured, totally imaginary alien). The message is BELIEVE. (The word "Believe" was damaged - quite possibly by outraged Little Greys). The Christians are in descent world-wide, the Muslims (who enforce total obedience) are growing in number. All this smacks of Enlil. Manipulation in these last few years of Pisces, and nothing much good to come.

I know no response to this email is to be expected... but I would invite comments (other than from outraged Christians or committed ‘New Age claptrappers’) on my thoughts. I am very familiar with both Protestant and Catholic dogma and I have also read much of the New Age stuff. I am, so far, not impressed with any of it.



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