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EXTRA TEXTURE - 16/12/2005

JOANNA EMERY, Canadian croppie and sometime TV ‘extra’, reports on the forthcoming ‘Invasion’ TV series, which features crop circles, already out in the US, and due out in the UK soon…

Being a financially-challenged crop circle researcher (aren't we all?), I sometimes earn a bit of cash working as a background extra here in Hollywood North (Toronto) where they film a lot of big name movies/series.

I think, however, that if asked, I might have to draw the line at this upcoming NBC series - whose logo is a Julia Set formation - and which seems to paint crop circles in a negative light, a la Mel Gibson's 'Signs'.

Here's a blurb I found about it:


“INVASION (ABC, Wednesday 10:00-11:00): According to Invasion, aliens are body snatching us "one neighbour at a time." Not only are aliens responsible for crop circles and cow violations, they're apparently also causing our natural disasters. Enter Eddie Cibrian (‘Third Watch’, and thankfully retired as member of the fantastically bad ‘3 Deep’) as Russell Varon, a US Park Ranger who tries to keep things under control when a hurricane hits his small town and deposits his missing ex-wife naked in a lake. Russell thinks there's something fishy going on. Is he onto something? Not if his arch nemesis, Sheriff Underlay (William Fitchner), has something to say about it.”


Then again, maybe I can drop a few 'CCCRN' [Canadian Crop Circle Research Network] cards into the director's pocket....



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