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NEXT TO GODLINESS - 17/12/2005

M C JOSLIN reports an early crop circle sighting and speculates that the circle phenomenon may be a divine intervention…

Before crop circles became what they are today, i.e. about 25 years ago, a friend told me he'd been truly scared by some lights that he claimed chased him across a field making a clicking noise. Shortly afterwards my Aunt, who lives up the road, claims she saw some strange circles in the very field from a lane at the top of it.

I think crop circles are the creation of an unexplained God. What I mean is, people are always going on about how godly and like him they are. But what if God feels that now is the time to make humans realise that they might not be any more important to him than grass. And anyway, no life could exist without sunlight and photosynthesis, so why should humans go around saying ‘look how great I am, like God’?

I believe that Christianity was an invention of people who lived 2005 years ago, who were genuine but lonely and scared. After all, what would life have been like in those days? But today for people to say ‘look how great I am in the eyes of Jesus’, might be a sin to an actual God who created all life on earth. This god might be communicating to us this point: “I created you for the grass and the grass for you, you must respect all life, and not think you are more important than everything else I have created. I'm the clever one around here, not you.”



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