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POWDER PUFF - 18/12/2005

BRADLEY YORK BARTHOLOMEW writes about the possible connection between the white powder found in some crop circles and the ‘white powder gold’ as written about by Sir Laurence Gardner…

Andy Thomas, in his book ‘Swirled Harvest’, (1) describes a mysterious white powder that was deposited in a newly laid crop circle in Sompting, West Sussex on 23 June 2002. Preliminary analysis of the white powder revealed that its main constituents were a very finely grained form of silica as well as lime. Sir Laurence Gardner, when consulted, was of the opinion that this powder was connected with ‘white powder gold’, known to ancient alchemists for its mysterious life-enhancing properties.

Sir Laurence Gardner counselled that if it is white powder gold, then it also contains the monatomic state elements of the platinum group – platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium or osmium. These observations were based on an article that appeared in ‘Nexus Magazine’ in 1996 by David Hudson, ‘White Powder Gold: A miracle of modern alchemy’. (2) Hudson had accidentally discovered a way of manufacturing white powder gold, and had carried out an extensive analysis of it. He had likewise found this element, silicon, to be present. He also found that white powder gold acts as a superconductor, and that it is capable of interacting with DNA.

The networked intelligence theory of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf postulates that at the level of the DNA there is an instantaneous exchange of information. (3) The networked intelligence comes about as a result of hypercommunication within the DNA through fluctuating magnetic wormholes. In the theory of Finnish physicist Matti Pitkänen, these fluctuating magnetic wormholes are not only capable of allowing for hypercommunication of information, but are indeed the means by which the DNA is capable of storing information in binary form. That is to say, the DNA has memory capacity. (4) The twisted and untwisted configurations of closed magnetic flux tubes can store binary data. See Fig 1.

Also in Matti Pitkänen’s theory, the resonance of the DNA caused by these fluctuating magnetic wormholes is capable of interacting with conventional electromagnetic forces, the natural magnetic resonance of the earth, and the brain waves of sentient beings. In Pitkänen’s theory, this white powder gold is a form of dark matter that acts as a natural superconducting medium. Dark matter is so called because it is invisible, and it is composed of dark photons (light antibodies). It is known that the DNA emits natural light photons (5) that can control the creation of a magnetic body via the dark photons in dark matter. The DNA is therefore capable, via dark matter, of transmitting coded information contained in magnetic resonance into the external material world. This energy can create plasmoids (rotating magnetic fields) capable of natural phenomena such as ball lightning, thunderstorms and tornadoes, as well as crop circles. Pitkänen also points out that lime facilitates the generation of plasmoids by making the soil electron rich, which accounts for the presence of lime in the white powder found by Andy Thomas as well. In summary, the DNA acts as a solitonic/holographic computer that sets up a networked intelligence that is the substratum of the Universe.

This silica has also been found deposited after ball lightning, (1) it has been found in the resin of the trees felled in the Tunguska Event in Russia in 1908, (6) and it has been found in the physical deposits left by balls of light and other anomalous luminous phenomena in Russia. (6) It reinforces the theory of Fosar & Bludorf that at the level of the DNA there is a solitonic/holographic computer that creates a networked intelligence.

Lucy Pringle in her book ‘Crop Circles’, (7) talks about the formations that appeared in a wheat field near Chilbolton (Hampshire) in August 2001, one of which was labelled the ‘Arecibo Message’ [it is an apparent ‘reply’ to the message beamed out into space in 1974, giving the details of another life-form]. See Fig 2. Andy Thomas himself makes the observation that these formations have a reference to silicon in the coded message, and he speculates that there might be a connection with his white powder. (1) It is suggested that the Arecibo message confirms the theory of Fosar & Bludorf that the DNA acts as a solitonic/holographic computer, setting up a networked intelligence. The message is about the DNA, it specifically refers to silicon, and most significantly it is telling us that life as we know it is computerized by means of a binary code. Lucy Pringle says:


“The Chilbolton formations consisted of two rectangles, the larger one resembling a computer chip. The second, smaller one at first looked indecipherable. Only when aerial photographs were studied did a 3-D face become startlingly apparent. Many people found it disturbing. Created by subtle shadowing, it appears to be male, but could be generic. The encoded information within the ‘chip’ echoed very strongly the message sent into space in 1974 by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) from the radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The ‘Arecibo Message’ was transmitted in binary form, the universal language for attempting to communicate with other intelligences. Amongst other facts, the message included data about our DNA structure, the Earth’s population and our solar system. The message in the field, too, contained details about life on planet Earth and its inhabitants. Interestingly, to the atomic numbers of the five elements necessary for life on Earth – phosphorous, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen – was added a sixth, that of silicon. Perhaps other intelligences are silicon-based, rather than carbon-based as we are. The population figure had increased quite markedly from that of 1974. As for its depiction of the solar system, Earth was highlighted, as had been the case in 1974, but Mars and Jupiter, too, were emphasized. There were also discrepancies in the DNA, notably an additional strand on the left of the double helix. The humanoid image was not only considerably smaller in height than a human, but had a larger head.”


This message quite clearly comes from Earth and is about life here on Earth. It is telling us that the DNA has an extra dimension, a computerized (silicon based) intelligence that processes information in binary coded format. It is telling us about the networked intelligence. More details about this networked intelligence can be found on the author’s website ‘The Spiritual Genome’:


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