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MATT-MATICS - 19/12/2005

TERRY HALL responds to our ‘Proclamation Watch no. 2’ column back in the summer, regarding the then recent comments from claimed planker Matthew Williams…

Having read Matt Williams' disturbing remarks in Proclamation Watch 2, I was reminded (somewhat obliquely) of something I once came across on the net. It was an interview with Mr Williams conducted by an American UFO researcher during a visit to England in 1998. The interview was published on the web in August of that year.

I managed to find it again, and whilst no shotguns were mentioned, Mr Williams did make two claims: firstly that he no longer hoaxed formations, and secondly, having been invited to speculate on the levels of hoaxing, that he believed 80% were hoaxes and 10% were genuine.

Its a strange thing, but I can't rid myself of the feeling that someone else has made just that claim more recently...

Readers may care to see for themselves at:



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