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ASTROLOGY NOW - 21/12/2005

A potentially apocalyptic astrological interpretation of a 2005 formation from EMMA HOLMWOOD…

I just wanted to share a personal experience I had with regards to the Hundred Acres, Alton Priors formation reported on 3rd July.

The day before, I attended a really interesting workshop with astrologer Paul Wade on the subject of earthquakes. During the day we worked through the extensive research Paul had carried out to come to some very interesting conclusions indeed. Obviously, if we could predict the day, time and location of major earthquakes (over 8.0 on the Richter Scale) an astrologer somewhere would have found the data by now. But the amazing thing that arose was being able to predict when we wouldn’t have a quake, due to the fact that three characteristics are present in twelve out of twelve charts studied. On top of this Paul has discovered a pattern of certain highlighted dates, within the times when quakes could occur, where quakes have happened within days.

Based on his research I promptly went home and studied the data further. On Sunday I came up with a chart that, I thought, could be a potential. (12 August 2006 12:00 PDT). At this point I’d like to add I’ve only been a student for two years, and although it’s been said that I’m “picking Astrology up Like a Duck to Water” this is still a very short period of time studying a subject that I believe you can never stop learning. Even if you’ve no idea what to look for, I think you’d see this is a significant looking chart.

Imagine how freaked I was logging on to Crop Circle Connector the next day and seeing seven out of eight of the points almost mapped in the formation reported! This was the shape I’d been mulling over for a few hours the day before, the same day the formation was reported! It was also pointed out to me that the Hannington formation on June 28th also had this pattern, and in fact looked more like an astrological chart than the Hundred Acres one, even having an exaggerated white centre, to me almost highlighting the Sun being the centre of the chart (Geocentric Chart), as opposed to Earth, as is usually used (Geocentric Chart).

The chart shown has no Moon or Sun as it is based from the centre of our solar system, not from Earth. The grey round circle with an X is the Earth; this is next to (conjunct) Neptune, ruler of the sea and renown for dissolving and washing away. Also Neptune is opposite Saturn (king of structure(s), government, reality, and an earthy planet). Neptune is making a ‘square’ (stressful and difficult energy, if not dealt with correctly; ultimately destructive) to Mercury, so doing its dissolving stuff on communication, thinking and everyday surroundings. Pluto is ‘square’ Mars. Pluto is relentless uncompromising change through complete breakdown to rebuild anew, while Mars is high energy and brings what it contacts into action. Also I thought it very interesting that Pluto and Mars are joined with Venus (and nothing else), Venus and Mars being the two planets either side of us on Earth, Saturn sitting in the middle of the two, making connections with Earth (as opposition) and Neptune. Looking at the chart pictorially, I thought Uranus looks almost like a fuse to set it all off, something that the planet Uranus is quite good at at the least expected moment!

This is just a basic insight into this chart. I could go on forever but I won’t; anyone astrologically minded can have a look at the chart for themselves. Please remember this was a conclusion drawn over one weekend on my part, however I do believe 12 August 2006 will be a pretty significant day in some way or another, even is there’s no sign of an Earth shaking experience somewhere.

Emma Holmwood:
Earthquake research, astrologer, Paul Wade:



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