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Andreas Muller’s recent article concluded that the crop formation next to Erich von Daniken’s ‘Mystery Park’ in Switzerland was man-made. Crop circle researcher and author JAY GOLDNER, however, disagrees…


Almost 50,000 people have already visited the opulently designed crop circle Exhibition in the famous ‘Mystery Park’ at Interlaken, Switzerland. To everyone's astonishment, in the middle of August, a crop pattern appeared in the wheat field directly in front of the exhibition grounds, causing quite a bit of controversy.

Even during our first inspection of the Mystery Park grounds we noticed the large green areas in front of the entrance hall and we thought to ourselves how great it would be if a crop circle were to appear there. Later I confided a bold idea to the people who were managing the park at that time, to organise a mass telepathic happening led by Uri Geller, petitioning the cosmic circle makers by this means to set a notable sign for us in the filed. Unfortunately this idea was quickly put on hold to avoid the possibility of embarrassment.

In early 2005, a new management team with a more liberal style took over. To our amazement we were informed shortly before the opening date that two of the fields in front of the park had been rented and the farmers were instructed to plant wheat. The fields were to be used for a planned crop circle (hoaxer) competition event toward late summer. This was by no means the kind of publicity we were thinking of and so, of course, we refused to cooperate and also made our opposition to the project clearly known. In the meantime the grain patiently kept growing higher...

Meanwhile, despite minor disagreements – the Swiss crop circles group was irritated because it was not sufficiently involved and refused to participate – the crop circle exhibit was enthusiastically received by the public and is even being extended now for a longer run.

Having just barely returned from our working vacation summer trip to Hampshire and Wiltshire, early in the morning on August 19th I received a telephone call from the perplexed park director telling me that he had just informed the press that the hoaxer competition (which had been rubbing me the wrong way anyway) was called off because the intended field was unexpectedly occupied. There would therefore be a crisis meeting and I could view the corpus delicti live on the web via the WebCam, which had been installed on the previous day for the competition. I should also come immediately and examine the scene, since the situation was somewhat beyond their capacity. I asked the CEO not to let anyone enter the formation for the time being and he assured me that there was a fence around the field anyway.

After my astonishment had subsided, I made a sketch of the approximate geometrical structures of the pictogram – so far as this was possible with the diagonal perspective of the WebCam photographs – and was pleasantly surprised to find a design which was highly interesting for me personally. Briefly, before my arrival on the scene, I got an e-mail with some good aerial photos, spontaneously taken by an interested paraglider pilot. Slowly it dawned me that the thing would cause quite a controversy...

After a ten-hour night trip I found the field in question already quite badly ruffled from the wind and weather. I was glad to find that a grandstand had been erected, from the top of which one had a good view of the mysterious sign in the field. The newspapers had already reported on it, and the local television station immediately interviewed me. After that I began to measure the crop pattern, with which a student from the Potsdam Film College spontaneously began assisting me and cinematically documented the essential elements as well.

Because the grain was overripe, an examination of the stems themselves was of little use. In addition to that it began to rain again quite strongly and the soil became even muddier than it already was. The sweep of the stems was altogether clockwise in direction, in the small peripheral circles as well. In the centre the stems lay radiating outward, and from the outside triangles the lay of the stems pointed inward. Due to their ripeness the plants were almost all broken at the soil level, but some slightly stretched and curved growth knots were also to be found. Quite noticeable also were the various alignments of the ears in the stem flow, although the heads of the still standing plants were already heavily bent.

In contradiction to investigation results prematurely posted by some colleagues on the Internet, the measurements showed that we were dealing with a crop circle measuring not merely 30 metres, but an altogether stately 59 metres.

As opposed to the hasty assumption that it was "man-made", the pattern also exhibited a series of humanly hardly-reproducible anomalies: for instance a large weed plant with a rather thick trunk was bent down with the rest of the grain. The trunk nevertheless remained intact and still rooted in the ground. Mechanical flattening would certainly have caused some damage. Interesting also was an empty soft drink can lying transversely to the stem flow far beneath a bundle of lying grain stalks, which looked as if it had been dented by the bundle. If the wheat had been pressed down with so-called stomper boards, the can would have been dented in an oblong direction. Even more convincing was the situation at an area on the edge of the crop circle, where nearly all the stems in the centre had been bent by feeding birds, but were nevertheless standing somewhat straightly and in this way resisted the influence of the energy which created the crop circle. Between them, however, some other stems had nevertheless lain down in a circle, something which only a child with a very small shoe size could have humanly accomplished.

Most convincing for me, despite all "inaccuracies", is the ingenious geometry of the design, particularly the fine details of the hexagonal structure visible at first glance. Exactly these mini-circles, criticized by the above mentioned researchers as they appear to be off-position, carry subtle statements on another geometrical plane. According to further extensive studies it became clear that we were dealing with an abstract construction drawing of a free energy converter! And the two-dimensional "inaccurate field sketch" is actually indicating a three and four dimensional structure. The ability to represent such a highly concentrated amount of information in such a simple manner is certainly an admirable form of high art.

The time however, is not yet ripe to make very many details of this future hyper-technology known. For me, having worked with this subject matter for over twenty years, this crop circle is not only a form of thanks for the accomplished exhibition, but is also fully-packed with practical references to this cosmic power supply for the times after the collapse of the global military-industrial complex.

A further indication of authenticity is the perfect alignment of one of the arrowheads to the Maya pyramid. This compass-like indication is like a subtle hint, pointing toward the year 2012, when this semi-material technology will probably begin to be concretely used. The analysis of the 1625 webcam photos only brought to light the fact that the Mystery Park crop circle must have come into being between midnight and 5.47am, within a one minute interval between the photographs. It could not be ascertained if it was accompanied by light phenomena or not. Despite all attempts to increase the contrast, only two headlights in 300 meters distance and the pitch black night could be made out. A hoaxer team would therefore have had to have been in possession of some exclusive kind of know-how to, in complete darkness, encode all these intricate details into the field – an accomplishment going far beyond what could be considered a "nocturnal schoolboy prank", as the Swiss press referred to it. Afterwards, the web-camera was finally aligned to the second, already weather-ruffled field on the opposite side.

An additional amazing correlation is a fact beyond all coincidence, that in that same exact night, such a quite rare design with a similar message appeared in England also: likewise triangular consisting of overlapping circles, which, lying somewhat out of alignment, form two smaller and a larger circular segment, exactly complementary to the Mystery Park pattern, where from the construction, two larger and a smaller triangle result.

As much as one would naturally suspect that the Daniken crop circle was a specially thought up PR-gag, I can assure everyone that all the Mystery Park co-workers were just as astonished as I was. The management was also pleased about having saved the money, which the hoaxer troop – which had to be sent home again – would have received. Nevertheless, exactly those Swiss and a German researcher – who had already criticised our crop circle exhibition on their websites before they had even seen it – began implying that the Mystery Park crop circle was merely a promotion gag.

But the crop circle mystery story continues. Later on, the management gave me the actual structural drawings for the planned crop circle, which a survey engineer from Berlin, Vitali Kuljasow and his crew were supposed to impress into the field in a space of 48 hours. At first I was somewhat dismayed by the obvious constructional similarities between the planned pictogram and the one that got there first. After intensive examination of the construction, however, I can testify to the fact that the man certainly had a knowledge of geometry, but not of sacred geometry.

With a matrix check, I found a strange error in the proportion rhythm, which irritated me somewhat. What's more, overlays of the two patterns clearly revealed the fact that the creator(s) of the crop circle which had appeared must have been familiar with Kuljasow's design. This disconcerted me so much at first that I began to seriously assume that the counterfeiter troop created the Mystery Park circle on the night before their own competition – although at the same time this would call all the attributes attesting to the authenticity of the pattern seriously into question.

This caused me serious concern for several hours, so that I even withdrew my already released statement. I went through each of the points again individually, considering every conceivable possibility of how all the signs for authenticity could be of terrestrial origin after all, but I could nevertheless not understand how that could be. Aside from that, the conspicuous "inaccuracies" in the field-pattern would be particularly embarrassing, especially for a survey engineer, to say nothing of the fact that he himself would have sabotaged his own work thereby.

In this somewhat disconcerting situation, I continued to play with both designs on the computer and discovered a number of new remarkable aspects, until it became clear to me what had happened: the crop circle-creating intelligence was, of course, also aware of the counterfeiters' concept and intentionally used it as the basis for further transmissions resulting from the comparison of both geometries. The relation of the two patterns to each other and within one another in fact in itself conveys highly relevant additional information about the energy converter. When these facts came to light, I began to feel better again, although my astonishment over this dual subtlety did not abate for a long time.

We have chosen not to disclose these additional pieces of information at present. I can only say that, as in a series of other crop circles decoded by us, these again contain pyramid functions. Finally, after conferring with the group, I again released our somewhat extended concluding analysis of the ingenious field mystery. Erich von Daniken, who could see the crop circle directly from his office, after the briefing in which I presented my conclusions about the probable authenticity of the pattern, simply commented: "Far out! That would be sensational!"

And it truly is sensational, because never yet in crop circle history has a pattern appeared in a field especially cultivated for that purpose and in addition to that, directly at the front door, exactly a few hours before a planned counterfeiter competition was to take place there. That is the kind of cosmic humour I like. Regardless of whether it is extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional, an intelligence exists, which is apparently benevolently concerned about our growth!

Anyone interested in receiving a detailed brochure with the examination results can order one by sending a letter with 5 Euro or equivalent to:

Jay Goldner, c/o Studio Phoenix, Postbox 8, A-4810 Gmunden, Austria.


On 1st February 2003, the "Hello Jupiter Message Day" took place, a mass telepathic happening (organized by the Phoenix Group via magazines, TV stations and Internet) in which approximately 3000 people participated, time-zone coordinated for a period of five minutes. The idea was, after the Chilbolton crop circles, to show the cosmic circle makers that there were a lot of people on Earth wishing to have closer contact. Naturally we hoped to get answers accordingly next summer in the fields. But something else happened: as the first few dozen crop circles started appearing, it became extraordinarily easy for us in the group to decode many of them since then. We began to realise that intuitive inputs from this source were helping us. Thus the answer was likewise telepathic. We are working on a book about this, but the main insights will only be presented at the opening of the crop circle museum. This is a small signal to the world cultural community to start showing their appreciation for the phenomenon in a concrete way and also an invitation to philanthropists, to hurry up a bit ...



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