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Following last year’s apparently fruitful interaction attempts at ‘circle central’ Alton Barnes (see our October 2004 archives), more communication work was carried out in 2005 by CHRIS HOPPER and friends, with more intriguing results. Chris reports on their activities...

Some of you may remember that last year Jack Sullivan, Martin Noakes, and I did some experiments with sending messages to the crop circle makers using 8-bit binary code transmitted via white and red lights through some rather clever electronic and computer programming equipment that Jack and Martin had set up. [The lights were flashed into the sky one night at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.]

This experiment proved very successful and we think we got an answer. I refer you all to the Swirled News article I wrote last year, which you will find in the archives.

We decided that as the experiment was so successful, we would try and repeat it this year. Again, I believe that we got some results, and this is an account of the experiments which took place on Friday 15th July 2005.

We were all aware that whatever we asked this time had to be a continuation of last year’s experiment, and the questions had to be ones that if we got a response we would recognise what had been sent. We also felt that the questions had to be phrased in a similar way to last year, as this produced results. So you can imagine that this was a difficult task in itself.

We discussed this and decided that we should continue along the same lines. However, we all had a certain style of question, and to this end we all had an input. For my part I need to draw your attention to last year’s article and to the fact that some of the questions were based on the ancient wisdom symbol, the ‘Circle of Nine Points’, and very much to do with numbers, especially the number 9 (this being my own interest). Hold in your mind the numbers 3, 8 and 17, as these numbers featured in our questions this year.

I have included in this article copies of last year’s pictures, for reference. These include the diagram of the Circle of Nine Points which I refer to as Fig 1, and the formation that went down after our experiments last year, which we think was an answer to our questions. This one I refer to as Fig 2.

Below are the questions that we asked of the ‘Circle Makers’ this year:


These messages are related to the Circle of Nine Points:

Do you know of the ‘Weeateeraka’?
Please demonstrate the gross element fire (APA).
Please demonstrate the subtle element (BUDDHI).
Please demonstrate consciousness (a combination of all the elements of The Circle of Nine Points).

Questions from Martin and Jack:

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you look like?
Please create a formation here this evening.
Please give us a lightshow/display.
Please create a 17-fold geometric pattern.


We have continued with the theme of last year on the Circle of Nine Points, but have homed in on two of the elements of the circle, the third element and the eighth element. The third element is the gross element ‘Fire’, the APA, and the eighth element is the subtle element of Fire, the BUDDHI.

Note that the question about the ‘Weeateeraka’ is to do with a similar thing, concerning numbers and the Circle of Nine Points, but I will not go into it here as even at the time I sort of realised it was a bit of a nebulous question and was not sure that if they answered it we would recognise the answer anyway. The same also applied to the question on Consciousness, but we put it in anyway. As you can no doubt see, we are asking a lot about number as well as the elements, as I for one believe that the number business is of great importance. Anyway, the messages were sent out as we did last year [flashed into the sky, the questions formed as binary sequences] and they were sent from the same location as last year, Adam’s Grave, just above East Field at Alton Barnes. This year there were no unusual lights on the horizon or in the sky. The equipment worked very well and without a hitch. In fact, this year Jack had made a second set of equipment, and the second batch of questions were sent out with this equipment, but facing in the opposite direction, sending out the questions about the elements. We sent the messages and packed up and went home to wait to see if we got any reply.

The next day, on the Crop Circle Connector website, two formations had gone down, one at Avebury and the other at Milk Hill (Fig 3 & Fig 4). As can be seen, the Avebury formation consists of a circle with a triangle surrounded by a border of 24 segments. Interesting, I thought, as the triangle represents 3 - the third point of the Circle of Nine Points, the FIRE element? Not only that, but with the border of 24, if one divides 3 into 24 one gets 8. A reference to the eighth point of the Circle of Nine Points, the subtle element fire, the BUDDHI? A demonstration of the fire APA and reference to the BUDDHI, subtle FIRE?

At Milk Hill, this formation is an 8-pointed formation with a line of circles/hexagons of six to the centre, with two outrigger circles making 8. A possible reference to the subtle element of Fire, the BUDDHI on the Circle of Nine Points?

I realise that this could be open to interpretation, and I can hear people saying it’s wishful thinking. However I would point out the story does not end here (hold in mind the question of asking for 17-fold geometric patterns - I will return to that later).

The following week, I went down to the Glastonbury Symposium and, as I usually do, I went a day early to visit the formations, especially the Avebury and Milk Hill formations. On the way down I went in for a coffee at the Crop Circle Cafe. While I was in there, Rod Bearcloud came in and we got talking about the formations this year and what he was doing. I mentioned that we had been doing some communication experiments and said that we thought we had a result at Avebury and Milk Hill, and I explained what we had done. At this point he grew very interested and wanted to know when we had sent these messages. I explained that we had sent them on the previous Friday. He was amazed and said he couldn’t believe it, as he too had been doing an experiment - with a group of NINE people - that very evening. It was a cleansing experiment and he had led the experiment. He wanted to know what time we had done our’s. It turned out that he was doing his experiment at the same time we were doing our’s at Adams Grave.

It does not end here, either. After Rod had done his experiment, he said that he had a feeling a formation was going to go down that evening, and sensed that it would be at Avebury, and he had driven over there to see if one had appeared. He said he shone his headlights in the area he thought there was a formation (by this time it was early morning, but dark). He saw nothing and started to leave, but still felt there was something there, so he got out of his car and got a pair of infrared binoculars and looked again. Still nothing. He then drove to Adam’s Grave (where we had sent out our messages). At that time he had no idea we had left that exact spot just a little time earlier, and he sat there until sunrise. He still had the feeling that there was a formation at Avebury, and returned there to look again. When he got there, he found the triangle formation with the 24 segment border. It had appeared during the time he had taken to drive to Adam’s Grave and back. He said he went in it to do a meditation. As he meditated, he felt he suddenly became the element FIRE. This disappeared, and he then felt he was all the elements, both Gross and Subtle, which I see as him becoming the zero/absolute point of the Circle of Nine Points. The thing was that Rod was as amazed as I was that all this had taken place at the same time as we had sent out our messages on 15th July. Neither of us was aware that the other was doing their experiments. Remember, he had chosen to work with nine people with his experiment. There are a lot of synchronicities here, almost too many. But again the story goes on.

I left Rod and drove off to find the Milk Hill 8-pointed formation. Unfortunately I was not able to find it. I then drove to East Field as I had heard that another formation had gone down in that field (see FIG 5). When I got there, it was a formation made up of NINE circles (reference to the Circle of Nine Points?). When I got into it and arrived at the eighth circle of the set of nine, I had a sudden feeling I had to dowse the circle for energy points. I walked the perimeter of the eighth circle and got eight energy points (reference to the question of the subtle Fire BUDDHI?). I then dowsed the ninth and largest circle in the formation. Here I got 17 energy points (an answer to Martin and Jack’s question on demonstrating 17-fold geometric patterns?). I was thinking now that there were too many coincidences here.

I then drove to Avebury to look at the Triangle formation. When I entered it, again I got the sense that I should dowse the formation for energy points. Again I walked the perimeter of the outer part of the formation. I was looking for 17 energy points again, as last time. Disappointment - I got 18 energy points. However, as I drove away I suddenly realised that, yes, it wasn’t 17, but it was 18. 1 and 8 make 9 (reference to the Circle of Nine Points and the nine people of Rod’s cleansing meditation?).

I know that if I were to present this as scientific proof, I would almost certainly be shot down in flames. However, I do think there are so many cross-over points and synchronicities as to be beyond chance once again. I know there was a fourth person here who was not directly involved with our initial experiment (Rod Bearcloud), but I have no reason to believe that Rod was not speaking the truth, as he seemed as astounded as I. He had no idea what we had been trying to do when he carried out his cleansing experiment with those NINE people (why had he chosen NINE people)? Did he represent the zero of the Circle of Nine Points? To me it seems that way because of the results he got from his meditation. He become the observer of the FIRE, and then all of the elements, which is the point ZERO of the Circle of Nine Points.

I feel that we have had an answer to some of our questions, albeit in a rather playful and mischievous way. I present it to you all for comments and we would all appreciate any feedback anyone may have to offer.



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