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A new book by Allan Brown and John Michell exposes the incredible geometrical and numerical intricacies of the 2002 crop formation at Crooked Soley. ANDREAS MÜLLER reviews ‘Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation’…

Before this new book by Allan Brown and John Michell on the formation at Crooked Soley in August 2002, I first learnt about Allan's astonishing findings as a result of his in-depth analysis of the formation at the crop circle conference in Belgium earlier this year. It was not only me, but the whole audience that was watching and listening to his presentation with its jaws dropped to the ground. What good news it was when Allan said that there would be a book on this very subject published in the near future.

I asked him several times by e-mail about the book and when it would be available. I was so anxious to read it all again. Just two days before I left for England this summer, finally a package arrived in the mail - and what a great reading it was to take with me! The book itself fulfilled all my hopes and silent requests I had for it. The Crooked Soley formation itself was already a real stunner and indeed a ‘Grand Finale’ of the 2002 season - strangely overlooked by many. But the result of the geometrical, numerological and philosophical analysis by both Allan Brown and John Michell takes the whole thing to a next, if not several next levels.

The book proposes that the basis of ancient culture is based on the numbers 504 and 792 - which are expressed by and within the Crooked Soley formation. It is just like the authors describe it on page 27: "In certain ages it [the number basis] is forgotten and society is overwhelmed by chaos. Then, in due course, it reappears, refreshing the human spirit and providing the knowledge and insight that lead to truth and justice on earth."

A friend of mine, Uwe Engelmann, also bought the book and showed it to the crop circle research organisation FGK: "I have to say that the book and the shown analysis work is just breathtaking. After several, at least to me, disappointing formations I saw this year on my annual crop circle visit to England, this reading motivated me again!"

Everything else the reader must explore by themselves. But one promise can be given: This exploration is more than worth it. Unfortunately there is no annual award for outstanding crop circle research. If there was one and if I were in the jury, this work would be my very first proposal and final choice for this year. However, yet there is not yet such a prize - please go and award the authors by making it a bestseller!

‘Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation’, by Allan Brown and John Michell, with an afterword by Patrick Harpur. Published by Roundhill Press, 80 pages, £6.99. For ordering details, go to:



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