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Swirled News activity has been on a bit of a hiatus this summer, but we will reawaken soon. Swirled News editor ANDY THOMAS explains…

The main reason for the lack of Swirled News updates this summer has been that I have been working all out on editing and publishing Geoff Stray’s new book ‘Beyond 2012’, the most comprehensive guide available anywhere in the world to the mystery surrounding the ancient time cycles of the Maya and other cultures, which point towards the year 2012 as being a pivotal time in global history.

The work and dedication required to bring this book into the world so that it could be its very best meant that other projects – including, sadly, Swirled News – just had to go onto the backburner.

Even though I am, of course, rather biased, I truly believe Geoff Stray’s book is an extremely important contribution to understanding what could be a crucial time for our civilization, and as such it demanded my full attention. The book also contains an extensive chapter on crop circles and their importance to the 2012 debate.

However, ‘Beyond 2012’ is now published at last and is beginning to make its way out into the world. For details, extracts and ordering facilities, go to:

With the book launched, hopefully I will now be able to dedicate some time to Swirled News again. We are not a new circle reporting site in any case, and other sites like Crop Circle Connector have had comprehensive coverage of the new formations themselves over the summer months – where we come in is filling in the news on the fascinating happenings, insights and ideas which weave in amongst the events in the fields, and we have some fascinating stories to update Swirled News with in the coming weeks. So watch this space!

Thanks for your patience.



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