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BITS AND BOBS - 06/05/2005

A collection of short comments and shameless plugs we have recently received…

I thought the National Geographic show [see Nancy Talbott’s recent review] was lame and needed to get to the facts. All it did was make it less possible. I can't possibly imagine someone making those complex markings overnight. Please place me on your e-mailing list. I would like to learn more



Here at last is my new croppie geometry site:

I hope you like it.

I know a real maths teacher in south London and I hope to see how he is able to use it in a school classroom.

My talk at this year’s Glastonbury Symposium [see our ‘Events’ page] will be about one of the chapters on this site (Chapter 3).




I might actually sue you because I almost laughed myself to death reading ‘Danny Sotham´s Mighty Column’.

Thanks a lot! Greetings!

CHRISTIAN LAUW, Munich, Germany.


I had a quick surf and found a picture of the Argentinian hilltop markings [see recent story] on

Thought you might be interested.



[Crop circle researcher Eltjo Haselhoff has released a musical album… Check out this press release!:]

After a career in science, a career in industry, a career as an author and as an art painter, Dutch 'Renaissance Man' Eltjo Haselhoff has recently surrendered to his first and greatest love: the acoustic guitar. On his debut CD, ‘Fingerstyle Guitar Solos’, he demonstrates both fantastic guitar skills as well as magnificent composing talent.

Influenced by Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, and composers such as Paul Simon and James Taylor, Eltjo developed his personal, inspiring style. His compositions cover a wide range of classical, Celtic, New Age, bluegrass, jazz, and 'boom-chick' finger-style guitar. The opening track, ‘Tap Your Foot!’, dedicated to Tommy Emmanuel, contains sections of Tommy's song ‘Luttrell’, wrapped up in a brand new composition. All songs on his CD are written by Eltjo, except two classics: "Morgan Magan" (Turlough O' Carolan) and ‘The Lowlands of Holland’ (traditional).

Eltjo's fingerpicking is highly melodic, some songs are uplifting and "foot-tapping", others are intimate and serene. They make a beautiful and versatile collection of highly original music. There is little doubt that Haselhoff's impressive guitar skills will soon position him between the best players in the fingerstyle guitar arena.

To listen to 12 MP3 samples of Eltjo's music, visit:


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