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IN THE PICTURE - 08/05/2005

A couple of requests about where to find crop circle images as they appear…

Hi, this crop circle thing has been very frustrating, getting to the whole truth.

These tests that help to show hoaxes from genuine - it would be nice to be able to see pictures in the future of the crop circles that fit in the ‘genuine’ category, also for documentaries to be made of them. That is the biggest frustration - not being able to see the new circles after they occur.

Thanks for listening.

NANCY, Oregon


I was wondering if there are any CDs out of this years crop circles for purchase? I was looking also if there was a collection of all the years’ crop circles on CDs that were also available. Thanks for the website and info you provide; it is so valuable.



There is no commercially available CD-ROM that we know of that shows the 2004 circles as yet, but there are certainly websites crammed full of images of all the latest formations – just a mouse click away. is the best starting point, but also check out the many sites on our Links section. New formations are usually listed and shown within hours of their appearance.

As for showing pictures of ‘genuine’ formations – it is impossible to verify genuine from fake just from looking at pictures, and as even ground observation can leave researchers at loggerheads with their opinions, such a category would never be more than subjective anyway, rendering such a system pointless. However, results on formations that have tested positive for unusual biological anomalies can be found at:

With regard to documentaries, the Crop Circle Connector team now produce annual DVDs of each year’s formations, available through their website – Ed.


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