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JOHN LUNDBERG, of the ‘Team Satan’ planker outfit, takes Nancy Talbott’s recent piece on the the National Geographic Channel’s crop circle show to task…

Just a couple of notes about Nancy Talbott's article about the National Geographic show. I think the fact that she wasn't even able to get the name of the show correct - it was called 'Behind the Mysteries - Crop Circles', not 'Beyond the Mystery' - gives a good indication of how accurate her research and reporting is.

She writes: “'this group of hoaxers did all of the measuring for their National Geographic circle in daylight”.

We did indeed make it in daylight. National Geographic wanted to get clear shots of the construction process; shooting circlemaking at night never really gives the viewer a clear idea of what's going on. So the cinematographer decided to shoot our construction sequence in daylight. We would have been happy to create the demonstration formation under cover of darkness, as we have done in the past on two separate occasions for the BBC and HTV.

She writes: “…and, over several days.”

This again is incorrect, the formation was created in just one day. It took three of us a very sedate five hours to create, with lots of breaks in construction for filming.



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