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PROCLAMATION WATCH #2 - 06/05/2005

An occasional column devoted to celebrating the dedication of the 2004 ‘Proclamation Initiative’ signatories to their stated ethos of “trust, respect, integrity and friendship”…

“We are taking the high road in all aspects of our studies and associations with this phenomenon. We hope to inspire trust, respect, integrity and friendship with all of those who arrive in the fields to research the circles”


In the summer of 2004, a document, created by circle researcher Colin Andrews and signed by many other prominent crop circle researchers – and hoaxers - was issued stating the above, in an effort to bring peace and harmony to the sometimes fraught crop circle research arena.

We at Swirled News, though non-signatories, like to check in occasionally to see how the stated ethos of the Proclamation is going, so that we can encourage and support the initiative! We hope readers will enjoy hearing how its signatories are living out its high ideals.



Arch-planker Matthew Williams (curiously described by Mr Andrews as “one of the glowing lights” of the crop circle world), signatory to the Proclamation, has shown his obvious “respect and integrity” by issuing this recent heart-warmingly pleasant e-mail (responding to farmers’ plans for the land around Stonehenge):


“…circlemakers say SCREW FARMERS... we will make the circles where we wish. Come and shoot us with yer shotgun if you can catch us Mr farmer ;-) Make sure you shoot me 20 times in the head though. hehe. Get Chad Deetkin to help you Mr farmer, he consones [sic] acts of violence against circlemakers. He will help you shoot us.”


Nice to see the aspirations of the Proclamation being so closely adhered to, one year on.



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