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GETTING THE BIRD - 21/02/2005

JANICE KREGERS has an interpretation of the 2003 ‘Swallows’ formation…

Of all the formations to appear over the last couple of years, I think I have to say that the 'Three Swallows' (near Adam's Grave, if I remember correctly) is, well, not exactly a 'favourite' of mine, but more one that for some reason, I can't seem to get out of my head. Since it appeared, I have found myself thinking about it a lot, to the extent that when somebody says the words 'crop circle', that's the formation that immediately comes to mind for me. However, I had an odd 'synchronicity' happen very recently that - at least for me - seemed to throw some light on the formation itself.

During the course of a meditation a few days back, I kept seeing a huge bird. In the meditation, it kept swooping down, as if inviting me to get up on its back and go for a ride. In appearance, it looked like a gigantic swallow, with the exception that it had a kind of phoenix-style crest to the head, a slight hook to the end of the beak and very large, luminous and elliptical eyes. As it would swoop down near me, it would slow way down and just kind of hover or levitate in front of me. It would then turn its head to point to its back with its beak, and then smile and wink an eye at me, as if to say, 'Its okay, why don't you jump
up and go for a ride?' I'd smile back, but I didn't take the bird up on its offer. When I finally asked it what kind of bird it was, it replied it was the ‘Simurgh’. The meditation spontaneously stopped itself when the Simurgh told me who/what it was, and I just sort of 'filed the whole thing away', as an interesting inner experience with no direct outer correlation that I could see.

Today, after writing an email to a friend about the meditation, I decided to look up the Simurgh and its folklore online. I am familiar enough with Persian mythology to know that it was supposed to be a sort of 'amalgam bird' (Simurgh is from the Persian 'sen-murg', meaning '30 birds'), and that it was sometimes portrayed as having lion's paws instead of talons, plus it was also said to have the head of a dog. However, the very first online source I checked, Occultipedia, had a description of the Simurgh which literally gave me the chills, because it seemed to be describing several features of the 'Swallows' formation, which - of course - immediately came to mind as I was reading it. Here is the description in toto [Note: the italics and bracketed notes in the description are mine, and indicate things that 'jumped out at me' as matching the crop formation]:

A noble and beneficent mythical bird (Persian Mythology). Initially a griffin-like (lion-bodied) bird, with a formidable beak containing sharp teeth, the Simurgh later assumed the shape of a true bird, one with glorious plumage and immense wings. Its touch was believed, in Persian folklore, to heal instantly even the most terrible of wounds [as crop formations heal the wounds of the Earth]. This giant birdlike monster was supposed to be so old that it had seen the world destroyed three times over [hence three birds in the formation, showing the Simurgh 'growing up' as the ages of the world pass], and thus possesses the knowledge of all the ages.

The original home of the Simurgh was supposedly the fabled Tree of Knowledge, whose branches were festooned with the seeds of every plant that has ever existed. When the Simurgh took flight, it was said, its powerful ascent shook the tree's branches so violently that the seeds were scattered throughout the world, bringing a wealth of valuable plants to mankind [the circles descending from the birds' wingtips could very easily be seen as scattered seeds, plus the great majority of crop formations - including the Swallows/Simurghs - occur in seedbearing crops]. Later, according to myth, the Simurgh nested in seclusion on the sacred Persian mountain of Alburz, far beyond the climbing abilities of any man.


So if this formation represents the Simurgh, as I now think is very possible, I think it is asking us (among other things) to recall the inherent Sacredness of the Simurgh's Home, and to not even consider for a moment the idea of - to put it bluntly - bombing the ever-loving crap out of the land (Persia/Iran) where the Simurgh resides on its Sacred Mountain. How will we heal ourselves if we destroy the places where true Healing (and the seeds of future healing) for all of humankind resides?



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