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AMAZING STORIES - 22/02/2005

Following her recent article on Italian crop circles and the wind damage connection, MARJORIE TOMKINS explores rather more esoteric areas with some incredible circle-related accounts of eye-witnesses, ‘Plasmoids’ flying around prisons,‘Star People’ and more…


What kind of process is involved in the creation of a crop circle or a non-geometrical formation?

Witnesses who have been on the scene at the moment a crop circle is taking form have reported a great variety of events. These include: large or small luminous objects hovering over a field or racing through it; brilliant tubes of light extending downward onto a field; an area of the field being enveloped by shining mist or a cloud or a storm; a wind-like ripple moving across a field; or, as in the case of Gary and Vivienne Tomlinson, many of these factors combined and accompanied by an ear-piercing sound.

Almost every year new scenarios are witnessed. One such novelty was reported by Signora Piero of Castelnuovo, Italy. On the night of June 17th 2004, she said, “I rushed outside at about 2.00am, when I heard the dogs howling a way they never have before. All the animals were looking across the railway tracks at Signor Spinoglio’s field and trembling violently. Then I saw two rays of light like iridescent flames from a blowtorch or welder about 20 metres apart and quite low over the field. After a few seconds they were sucked back up into a black space above them, leaving trails like comets... When I went to tell Signor Spinoglio and we visited the field, I was amazed to see circles the way no human being could make them, right under where the flames had been.”

Dramatic experiences like that of the Tomlinsons or Signora Piero contrast with the quietly humorous atmosphere of the afternoon on Milk Hill in 1996 when my husband and English family and I were witnesses to a formation of 15 mini-pictograms, additions to the “Scorpion” design of June 19.

On this occasion, no lights or anomalies were present – with the exception of an ear-splitting sound. Curiously, none of us heard this sound, which was picked up by our tape recorder which was on “record” when the first 12 pictograms appeared.

What struck all of us the most was the humorous intelligence of whatever we were involved with, which challenged us in a kind of cat-and-mouse game for the rest of the afternoon. No sooner had we discovered the 12 new formations, spaced 3 metres apart along the tramline heading downhill, then we decided to take turns patrolling the space 3 metres down the tramline from the last circle – where presumably the next one should appear – and so “catch them in the act”. It was getting cold and my husband went down the tramline to the car to get his hat while the rest of us stood beside the spot that was next in line for a pictogram.

We heard a shout down at the car and ran down to hear that Michele had taken his hat out of the car and turned around to find two new mini-formations that had arrived in the instant behind his back. We then realized that no one had stayed up to keep an eye on the hill, and raced back up – but too late – because the new formation was already standing on its predestined spot.

And so it went for the next few days; every time we visited the “Scorpion” a new addition was made when we weren’t looking.

However different the range of circle-forming events seem to be, common sense would suggest that it is guided by intelligent use of a sophisticated technology, and that these eye-witness descriptions cannot be accounted for by hoaxing, weather flukes, or military experiments.

Many years ago, before we knew anything about crop circles, we were informed about them and given some information about the alleged technology that produced them. This information came from an unexpected source: a group of American Indian elders and medicine people with whom our Native American support organization worked. This volunteer work was strictly practical, without esoteric aspects, and so we were surprised to receive newspaper clippings of the first American crop circles in one of the packages of documents sent to us by these elders.

When asked about their reasons for sending them, the elders told us some things we found very strange: that they had been waiting for the arrival of crop circles, which had been predicted by their ancient system of oral history, and that it was important to know about them because they “represent the future of humanity”.

They said that crop circles were generated by the energy of the earth in collaboration with the ‘Star People’, a name for extraterrestrials who are culturally and technologically highly-evolved. They knew about the Star People, they said, because their tribes had their origins in other star systems and their ancestors had been transported to this planet by the Star People, and since that time they had never lost contact with them.

Their ancestors who had been brought to this planet had been taken to “the ancient red land” to the east of the American continent in the Atlantic. With the assistance of the Star People they developed a supertechnology, and when, much later on, their ancestors had emigrated to the American continent, they had discarded part of this technology. The rest of the knowledge, which was to be safeguarded and passed on to future generations, was no longer to be available to everybody, but entrusted to the most authoritative and responsible members of the tribe. These leaders, they stated, met and continue to meet regularly with the Star People and continue to be the custodians of the technology and knowledge that had been salvaged in ancient times.

Of course all this was very interesting, but we had absolutely no proof – or so it seemed at the time – that any of this was true. The elders gave us to understand that they had told us all that was permissible to tell and suggested that we go to England to find out more.

One of the first things we saw in England, over the crop circles during daylight hours, were “plasmoids” – the name used by experts in this field. These were objects made of some unidentified material that could instantly transform their solid appearance into a different shape or into a kind of mist, or become invisible in an instant. They could quickly change from large to small, accelerate unthinkably, and behaved as if they were guided by an intelligence. Francine Blake took her well-known photo of one of them in the East Field and the photo was on the back cover of ‘The Spiral’ journal for months.

Seeing the “plasmoids”, our memories were jogged... where had we seen something like this before? We then remembered the little “gadgets” we had had lent to us by that same group of elders to help us carry out difficult tasks.

For instance, one of our jobs was to monitor Indian prisoners in high security; visits prohibited prisons which made use of white torture, a job which would have seemingly been impossible even if we had been based in the USA instead of Italy. However, with the aid of one of these very small instruments which seemed to be made of a smoky crystalline substance the size of a thumbnail, it was all extremely simple.

The “big talker”, as the Indians called it, received its instructions and flew off. The prisoner at the other end saw it flying toward him after having penetrated his cell wall without leaving a trace. On its arrival it would often change shape and size and furnish information, medicine, etc., needed by the prisoner. It would then fly back through the wall to Italy, bringing with it information and images regarding the prisoner, the prison administration’s intentions, precise instructions on how to locate essential documents, etc.

Many people, and not only prisoners, have been assisted by these mysterious objects, but we will mention only one of the most famous cases, that of the Dakota Sioux leader James Weddell, whose life was saved on several occasions by the “big talker”, and who was freed in 2003 – well before the end of his bitterly contested life sentence – by the baffled federal courts.

We had used these objects for so many years that we had ended up taking them for granted. When we finally asked where they came from, the custodians told us: “We got them from the Star People”. Could this science fiction-like technology, we wondered, actually be a remnant of the ancient civilisation described by the Indians? Was its technology related to the technology that had produced similar objects we had seen flying above crop circles in England and Italy, as the elders affirmed it was ?

Whatever its source, we have observed that this technology is very different from our own in at least two basic ways:

1) It is what we may call a “living technology”, not only because it is capable of changing its size and appearance and moving by itself. The custodians warned us that these tools “were beings with a mind of their own, so coddle them and respect them, otherwise they might fly away”. There are many amusing anecdotes about friends who kept the unpredictable “big talkers” in their homes and how they slowly had to learn to “get along with each other”.

2) It is a technology that is interactive. As the custodians clearly demonstrated to us, these instruments could not be fully utilized unless an area of the right side of the brain had been activated.

These instruments and knowledge have been a means of survival for many tribes and are rarely shown or discussed outside the restricted group that looks after them. In spite of this, a public, official communication about these matters has been attempted at least once. In the mid-1990s, one of these custodians sent out invitations to custodians of other tribes as well as scientists from the dominant society, for an unusual event. He proposed that, considering the world situation, it was time for these keepers of ancient knowledge to step forward and share it with other races. The invitations were for an international meeting to be held at Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 1996. Most of the elders contacted said they felt that as long as the genocide of Native Americans continued it was premature to communicate such a precious heritage, and as a consequence the meeting was held in a drastically reduced form with few Native American speakers.

Granted, however, that this technology exists and actually belongs to an extraterrestrial civilization, no one as far as we know has ever provided proof that it can make a crop circle. So far, there is no proof that any of the lights and objects seen in and around crop circles are not tourists like ourselves. What could be their role?



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