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HORSES & SERPENTS - 25/02/2005

Following our story on the Solstice lighting of the Alton Barnes white horse, DELSEY KNOECHELMAN sent the following image of the similar exercise held at the Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA, their local crop circle site…

Writing to Feedback editor Melanie Gambrill, Delsey says:

Hello, I'm the Director of the new ‘Friends of Serpent Mound’ group. Jeff Wilson is one of our Board Members. It was a pleasure to receive his e-mail with your article. I also had no idea that any other ancient site was being lit. Congratulations on yours!

Our’s was short lived but we hope to make it an annual event, as well as possibly do it again for the summer solstice, since many of our members are older and cannot get out during cold weather.

We also had a great time. The weather ended up being the 'calm before the storm.' It was in the 40's ('F), no wind, and partly cloudy. After midnight the area was hit by freezing rain that took out the power for several days in random locations.

Everyone who participated thanked us and said it was a memorable evening. I thought it was purely magical. Here's a picture I took.

Good luck with next year!



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