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SEASON’S GREETING - 25/12/2004

PETER STREGL liked our coverage of the 2004 season and adds his own comments…

Hello Swirled News. Thanks for covering the 2004 crop circle season in style.

The opening salvo was awesome: Colin Andrews hesitates and belatedly invites Michael Glickman to join him and others to 're-launch' and continue the 'mechanical studies' of the crop circles. This was all too good to be true - you can't do this to Michael. So he disciplined them and voice-of-reasoned them
all down. :--)))

The real circle makers must have taken a great deal of delight from reading Michael's ‘Voice of Reason’ article, wherein he mentioned that Freddy Silva had prophesised that no more than two genuine crop circles would appear in 2004. Lo and behold, only two formations that one can actually play with showed up in Wiltshire altogether with their 'numerical magic'.

Geoff Stray's analysis of both formations takes the essence out of them, but, in reality, it doesn't go like that. I'm wondering if you can show him this identity:

1679 + 333 = 2012

…where 1679 is the number of ones and zeroes in SETI's Arecibo Message, and 2012 is the year Lucy Pringle will stop selling her nice looking crop circle calendars out of solidarity with the ancient Mayans. The coincidental arrangement of the three threes is essential in understanding both Wiltshire formations and needs to be decoded. I took it apart, but I'm sort of fuzzy on the application. Geoff should take into account that

3 = 3
3 + 3 = 6
3 + 3 + 3 =9

…where 369 directly refers to the 'Magic Square of the Moon', which Geoff wrote about in his 4/10/2004 article.



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