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YET MORE SHORT CUTS… - 27/12/2004

Some little bits and bobs from our readers…

I have seen video of balls of light creating crop formations, one wonders if this has been faked somehow. However, it reminded me of the coloured balls of light that sometimes were spotted by our warplanes during WW2, and were called ‘foo fighters’.


Looking at the recent crop circle formations, watching them refer to the Earth's epicycle and after studying Kepler’s second law, one particular circle formation which has just appeared apparently demonstrates that too. So what are we looking at, I believe, is 'the calendar', the geometry of the Earth and Sun relationship.

PS. It was very shocking to hear of the news of the passing of Dr John Mack and I know he will be greatly missed not only by his family and friends but by ufologists such as myself. R.I.P.


Recently a friend loaned me the video ‘Star Dreams’. Unfortunately it got damaged and I want to replace it. Do you have any idea where I could buy it in Victoria, Canada or how I could obtain a copy? Thanks in advance and for all the fascinating work you are doing.



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: Details on ‘Star Dreams’, directed by Robert L Nichol, can be obtained from Robert at:

This website has got my brain aching. And I can't help to think that there's some crop formation association here. Make sure you check out the second page as well...

The star glyphs became more compelling this year. The people were influenced by the amazingly special gifts that have arrived, as well as a stronger push by the hoaxers or man-made circles. It has created a controversy that has been an undercurrent for many years, but grew stronger this year, 2004. The question is becoming, what do we do with these glyphs? I hope this article will shed some light:


Your website really is the best source on circle-thinking out there right now. It doesn’t get updated as much as I might wish, but when it is, there’s always great stuff there and I really want to thank you people for doing what you do, spreading hard to get information in a balanced, discerning - and strident! - way.



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