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PATRICK SLOAN takes issue with the Discovery Channel crop circle programme still doing the rounds…

I watched a piece tonight (Oct 14, 2004) on Discovery Channel. I am writing because one of your staff members was on the programme. While I realize that your publication contributed and did not produce the piece, I thought I would make a couple of elementary observations as I am new to this subject.

When they showed the people who claimed to be able to create duplicate crop circles, I was disappointed when they did not question these individuals on whether or not they made foot prints in the dirt, as was mentioned previously. They also did not question the copy-cats on the swirling of the wheat stalks.

Later, the programme got into how wheat stalks from fields that were not manipulated by copy-cats were missing the seed pods. They did not say how easy or hard it was to remove this from the plant and they also did not question the copy-cats about it.



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