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JANET OSSEBAARD has some strong words for the approach of Robert Hulse (whose article on his ‘litmus test’ for formations was featured on Swirled News this summer) and his colleague David Cayton…

I would like to comment on Robert & David's statement concerning the litmus test. Without going into detail about types of crop, seed heads, biophysical anomalies, and so on, I would like to share what I experienced during my stay in Wiltshire this summer.

First I would like to ask Robert and David the following questions: Why is it so important to you to judge? Why do you walk around in formations with measuring devices? Have you forgotten to use your intuition? Have you lost trust in your own heart? And why on earth do you feel such a strong urge to share your judgement with everybody, even those - like myself - who have told you over and over again that they are not interested in hearing your judgement?

After ten years of crop circle research, I have let go of the importance of the question: is this formation genuine or not? To tell you the truth: I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! I had planned to stay longer this summer, at least two or three weeks, but after one week I was so sick and tired of people telling me - without my asking them to! - that this, that and the other formation were hoaxes (or not), that I left the country. For me, the atmosphere there was totally polluted by utterly irrelevant things.

Robert and David, you are both nice people, always very kind and helpful (thank you once again for boiling water for our coffee, when we ran out of gas), but PLEASE, don't you see you are missing the point here? Do you really think the Circle Makers would mind a few nicely made hoaxes if we would simply visit them and enjoy them? The only thing the hoaxers want is to spread confusion, anger and fear. That's their goal. Their only goal. And you are giving them exactly what they want. Is that what YOU want? Team Satan is laughing its head off, hearing you speak at Glastonbury and reading these articles, all these pros and cons, not because you are right or wrong, but simply because you do exactly what they want you to do. YOU are the ones spreading confusion, standing in front and unknowingly taking over their task and fulfilling their goal.

After ten years, I am convinced that the crop circles are here to help us evolve emotionally and spiritually. If we would live to that goal, we would consciously visit each one of them with love, joy and respect, regardless of who made it! We would respect each and every formation as a Divine tool to our own evolvement and evolution. If we would be able to drop our measuring devices, dowsing rods and other gadgets, we could simply enter each formation in the presence of good friends, enjoying their company, the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the beautiful sunset... We would then be able - finally - to feel and trust and relax.

So, dear Robert, dear David, what is it you want to do? Do you want to continue fulfilling Team Satan's goal? Or do you want to trust your heart again? If you enter a man-made formation, constructed without respect, don't you think you would feel something? Something that suddenly makes you think: "I'm ready to leave this formation now. I don't feel the urge to be here any longer"? Do you really need to share your opinion and judgement and contempt with everybody? Or can you simply leave such a formation and enjoy that fact that there WILL be people who love that formation? Even when it's man-made? Why do you feel the need to warn people? Warn them for what? What is wrong about reaching the final goal (emotional and spiritual growth) in a man-made formation? I cannot think of one single reason why that would not be ok...

You are both nice and intelligent men, so don't you think it's time to let go of your fear of being conned? Don't you think it's time to FEEL for a change? I have watched you both for a week now, being at the same campsite and meeting in different formations, and I have not seen you FEEL once... You were constantly living in your mind, in your brain. What a shame, what a waste...

I hope you understand what I mean when I say that it doesn't matter anymore when a formation is man-made or not. All that matters is how we deal with that. And as long as we deal with it with contempt, anger or frustration, we have not learned our lesson yet...



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