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W H CLARK has a website proposing that crop circles are made from ‘gravity strings’…

I have some interesting research called ‘Crop Circles - made by the hand of God’, at:

The research is part of my Ph.D dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin in Celestial Mechanics, and it shows how crop circles might be made by gravity strings. At least the theoretical cross sections of many of these configurations of gravity predicted by String Theory match that of the crop circles.

Then there is the notion that the parting of the Red Sea in biblical times, making way for the Hebrews to leave bondage in Egypt, may have been caused by such a gravity string. Another modern incident happened in Vicksburg right after the US Civil War, and I wrote a novel about it on the presumption that it too had a special purpose. Thus the gravity matrix has some kind of sentience.

There is lots more fun stuff on my website, including free books, software, and lots of interesting material. I hope you have a chance to visit.



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