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PEARLS OF WISDOM - 25/09/2004

JEAMES believes a 2004 formation may be alluding to the 1994 Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet collision with Jupiter…

The latest Avebury Trusloe crop circle, reported 17th July, reminds me of the ‘string of pearls’ that collided with Jupiter (16th-22nd July) 1994. That event coincided with the Tisha b'Ab (9th Ab) Jewish festival commemorating the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Incidentally, the first comet strike was about 9pm on the Sabbath day (Saturday) and the event ended 12 hours before the next Sabbath day was due to start.



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: Also, in the run-up to and in the days after the 1994 comet collision, the UK fields saw a number of ‘thought bubble’ formations that seemed to closely resemble the markings left by the comet entering Jupiter’s atmosphere, and this was remarked upon at the time.


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