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BRIAN SAYCE has some thought on the shamanic origins of the circles…

You more than likely receive some weird and wonderful suggestions as regards crop circle formation / production. My thoughts on crop circles emanate from my view that the human race is in its infancy and has far to go. I believe we are destined for great things and that we will travel into the far reaches of this galaxy. I do not think we will achieve this by sitting on the top of complex fireworks, however.

I have over the years made in-depth study of the functioning of the human eye. I am interested in the way that electro-physical information is received and becomes electro-chemical. It is that essential change that I find beyond my understanding. I have more than a casual interest in consciousness. I don't think my motivation towards these things is new. History tells me that my interests are the same as those of the first men to walk the Earth.

I will now try to be very brief. I feel at liberty to assume that man has, through his consciousness and understanding, travelled into the cosmos. These travellers enhanced consciousness at 'venues' such as Stonehenge, Avebury, the great pyramid, etc. Crop circles I believe to be communications from this shamanistic few who still exist in the cosmos they travelled into.

This conclusion is drawn in the main because I looked for evidence that man has already achieved space travel.

My conclusion - very open to discussion - is that the circles are man-made, that the men who made them once walked the Earth, held the same interest in the world as people now, and they achieved cosmic ability to travel. They now communicate back to us.



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