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Interest in the Chilbolton and Crabwood alien face formations continues courtesy of P W SCHERER…

I have just read the interview with Andy Thomas by Michael Miley in the latest edition of ‘UFO Magazine’ [USA]. I am especially interested in the comments about the Chilbolton and Winchester crop circles of 2001 and 2002.

I have always thought that - all else being equal - there are three possibilities to explain the origin of the circles: 1) Hoax 2) An unknown but "unintelligent" physical process analogous to the formation of snowflakes, or 3) True alien intelligence and contact. So, for any given circle before the two in question, there was roughly a 1/3 probability of true alien contact. I think the importance of these latter circles is that they completely rule out explanation no.2 and raise the probability of true alien contact to 1/2, a tremendous increase.

So now I am moved to ask a question based on the replies in the UFO interview. Andy Thomas says, re. the 2002 Winchester ‘alien & disc’ circle, that, "There is no definitive evidence as yet that it was man-made". But I would like to know is there any evidence that it was NOT man-made, ie. have BLT-type studies been done on these particular circles, showing bent not broken stems, blown nodes, evidence of microwave radiation, etc. For the reasons noted above, I think it is very important to study these two circles as thoroughly as possible.



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: We are not aware of any provably definitive results on this specific formation, but see the BLT website for their information on biological anomalies in crop circles:

'Alien & Disc', Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire, August 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)
'Alien & Disc', Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire, August 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)


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