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We should be more concerned than we are about how much we accept the hoaxers and their suspect rationalisations, says SUZANNE TAYLOR…

In treating hoaxed formations as being significant - even of equal significance to what is or could be produced by an intelligence that isn't us - we are reducing ourselves to the limitations of being human, as distinguished from being in a universe where contact is being made with something of genius that's not ourselves. There is a vast difference in cosmology in these two world views.

In speaking to the beauty that hoaxers deliver, we are applauding the work of people whose M.O. is to deceive, and who cause financial damages akin to what thieves do when they steal someone's property. And we are treated to disturbing rationalisations by hoaxers that farmers could harvest their crop but for the fact that people come into the formations and trample them - i.e. since tramplers are the cause of the farmers losing income, hoaxers have no responsibility for the damage that results.

Please, friends of the circles who are starting to normalize the work of the hoaxers, this is not operating in the name of love, which is your intent. Let's keep our wits about us as we deal with hoaxers, and don't lose our discrimination and condone what is reprehensible no matter how peaceful and loving we wish everything to be.

As for the 80%/20% hoax-percentage theory, look to the dishonest nature of the source. See the statements on the Colin Andrews website about Nancy Talbott's recent soil study. When that study came out, Colin circulated a gleeful communication indicating it confirmed his theory. Despite the fact that this elicited a widely-circulated rebuttal by Nancy, Colin's congratulations to himself for the ‘confirmation’ the study offered is still featured on his site. He is a piece of work! You can read a dissection of 80/20 in a three part commentary in Michael Glickman's ‘Voice of Reason’ column on Swirled News [go to his column page and click the link at the foot of the page for access to the Glickman archives – Ed].



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