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ELIZABETH ROSSON has something to say about the ‘negativity’ perceived by some in the croppie world this summer…

I was one of the many who travelled from the US to attend the Glastonbury Symposium this summer and visit the crop circles. This was my second summer visiting the crop circles. I was one of Denni Clarke's group. Today I read your article in Swirled News about ‘sceptics winning the UK publicity battle’ and I feel compelled to write just a few words of encouragement.

I was aware when I was in England and at the Symposium that there is so much unrest about the hoaxers, particularly this summer. Anything as profound as those beautiful formations is bound to threaten some people who are perhaps for the first time faced with the unknown. Buddhists as well as others have so often talked about "fear" being at the heart of any negative emotion. I cannot help but think that the crop circles force people to look deeply into themselves and into the unknown where there are no easy answers, no controls.

I'm so pleased that a number of people at the Symposium addressed the negativity with candour. Interestingly enough, it was right after the Symposium and laying it all out on the table (so to speak) that so many beautiful formations were laid down. Perhaps the circle makers needed the forthrightness of you all to voice what is happening so they could continue their work! I don't know. Just a thought. I do want you to know that from all those I had contact with, the mystery of the crop circles has not been tarnished. Unfortunately, you are surrounded by the negativity and I feel sad for you all. Please know that I and others are sending positive energy your way and feel assured that through all the negativity there is great movement forward.



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