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THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY - 02/10/2004

MARTIN calls for systems to bring more credibility into the crop circle community…

Looking into the recent responses from Michael, Allan, and others, I still feel a need, as I have expressed in a previous e-mail, for a point of reference, for credibility, in the CC community. As I am a little bit distant to all this happening mostly in England, I view myself as a third party.

And then, when watching this, there is a clear impression that Andy, Michael, Allan and others are the GOOD GUYS, and Colin, Peter, and some others are the BAD GUYS. This might very well be the case, and yes, I've found it even likely, out from my own experience and judgement. But, worse is, especially for many being a little bit distant or outside the quite small CC community, they really don't know and need to do their own personal judgements.

If you (at least the likes of Andy and Michael) like to make progress, why don't you fight more, or try to do something about it? I believe with your restless efforts that you should bring the knowledge out. There is no reason for a man like Colin Andrews to set the agenda, to be the spokesperson, or at least not the only one. Even if his prime interest is to be in the limelight, you also need to be there, but for the sake of bringing (your) knowledge and experiences to the discussion.

To move this forward, I think there is a need for setting standards and references, and I bet you guys will benefit most from doing that. First try to find a trustworthy and credible third party (well not me, of course), like a university, an indisputable research lab (e.g. BLT) that all CC research is hooked up to. Arrange hearings, submit reports, etc, all with this third party being the vehicle. By having this as a reference, people, media and public will know who to trust and who to rely on, and who to refer to. All others not complying to these standards and having a clear reference to this third party in their research will be forgotten.



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: But what Martin suggests here is already pretty much what happens! The lives of many researchers are spent sharing information, fighting for truth and trying to reach out to a wider section of the public. The recent ‘Proclamation Initiative’ was a kind of twisted attempt to do what Martin alludes to in his last paragraph, but it fell too closely to elitism to be genuinely impartial or effective, which is always a risk of putting together so-called united fronts, whether ‘third parties’ be involved or not. The fact is that information and knowledge is shared widely already through the likes of this website and all the other things its members do, be it giving lectures, writing books or firing off continual letters to the debunking media.


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