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THE REAL DEAL? - 03/10/2004

Is the East Field 2004 formation fake or real, asks ANGELICA…

I have been following the crop circle phenomenon for four years and belong to Paul Vigay’s e-mail group. BUT I live in the burbs of Chicago and have not had the pleasure of visiting England.

I am somewhat dismayed by the continuing controversy of "human Art" and "unknown sourced circles". The deliberate decision to deceive would make me angry, 'cept I do not wish to live in anger... So I am befuddled without knowing how to get to the truth. From what I can derive, I am not alone in this dilemma.

The recent formation in East Field (Alton Barnes, Wiltshire) is impressive. I read a post from Paul's group that claimed this field is usually not touched by human circle makers, that there is some kind of gentleman agreement about this. This is the first I have heard of any such agreement.

Some have said this circle is a fake... What do you think? Is there an opinion that represents what those "in the know" feel is the origin of this circle, human or unknown?

I appreciate your newsletter. Thank you!



SWIRLED NEWS REPLIES: No, we have not heard of such a “gentleman agreement” about East Field either. These plankers seem to respect neither landowners or the truth, so there seems little reason to think they would bind themselves to such a promise.

As for the authenticity of the East Field 2004 pictogram, it was widely considered one of the best formations of the year in terms of its lay and execution of design, but there is no official ‘consensus’ opinion about any individual formation that stands as gospel: that’s the nature of this mystery. Those who pronounce very definite views on authenticity, in the absence of definitive evidence, are usually hot-air-mongers and nothing else. As ever, much of it comes down to personal taste and individual discernment when reaching an opinion on the origin of any particular design, if it was not witnessed in the making.


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