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There has been more than one attempt at communicating with the celestial variety of crop circle makers this year. Here, CHRIS HOPPER outlines the efforts made by one group, who believe their interactions helped produce one of the masterpieces of the season…

On August 5th 2004, an attempt at communication with the circlemakers took place at Adams Grave, Wiltshire. This came about because of the alien & disc formation that went down in 2002 at Crabwood Farm, Hampshire (Fig 1.) [See our summer/autumn 2002 archives for the full details on this formation – Ed]

As most of us know, part of that formation was a message sent in 8-bit binary code, which at the time caused quite a stir. When translated, it read:

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEvE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. Acknowledge.”

For a long time, astronomer Jack Sullivan (the first to decode the astronomical formations of the mid-1990s) and Southern Circular Research member Martin Noakes were interested in finding a way of communication with whoever sent the message, and a lot of work went into selecting a way to do so. Jack and Martin have been working on this ever since and came up with a way of sending out a message using a box of electronic tricks and some rather clever software that could be used in conjunction with a laptop PC, to send out an 8-bit binary coded message back to whatever first sent the Crabwood Farm message.

The device would send out the code in the form of a white light and an orange light, flashing as a binary code. I heard about what Jack and Martin had planned during one of the Southern Circular Research meetings at Burgess Hill and asked if I could tag along for the ride. So I lay no claim to the excellent work that Jack and Martin have done, but I write this as a record of what we found. What we did find was very interesting and we think that we did in fact get an answer to one of the questions.

So, Jack Sullivan, Martin Noakes, Angus McInnis and myself, Chris Hopper, set off for Wiltshire on 5th August 2004. We met in a pub to finalise the messages we were to send out, and to check through the equipment. We decided that in order to eliminate any chance of fraud that only we four were to know what the messages were going to be. The messages that we decided on were as follows:

1) We are believers. We are of those not deceived. We thank you for true gifts and welcome you. Please teach us. We have many questions. Please include ID in any response.

2) We are believers. We are of those not deceived. We thank you for true gifts and welcome you. Please teach us. We have many questions. Please acknowledge this message soon with a similar binary coded message. Also it would please us to have from you a special true gift in the field before us, bearing our ID Code

An alternative message (based on the Carl Sagan Project) was:

We welcome all who RESPECT our FREE WILL. If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves. There is GOOD HERE too. WE LOOK for a reply.

Note: the ID code I have not included here for obvious reasons, as we will use this code on other occasions, so the code must remain with us four only.

We set up our equipment on top of Adams Grave, overlooking the East Field at Alton Barnes, and started transmitting just as it was getting dark. Each message was sent out four times. We didn’t get any messages back at the time, but we did see some very strange lights in the sky. One light that we saw was on the horizon to the right of where we were standing. It was extremely bright and seemed to pulsate in a similar beat to the way our lights were flashing. It was recorded on video, though when played back was rather inconclusive and the pulsation we thought we saw was not in evidence on the video recording. There was also a red ball of light that shot up from the horizon and had a red trail behind it. This went up to about 20-degree elevation. It was very quick and we didn’t get it on video. This happened three times. Also, there were some very bright single flashes in the sky. However, I believe these to be iridium flares from satellites.

Just before we packed up to go home, Martin asked if I thought there was any other message we should send out. I suggested that there was one message that I thought we should send. The message was as follows:

“Do you know of the Circle of Nine Points?”

My thinking on this was that if the beings who sent the original Crabwood Farm message, and for that matter maybe all the circles to date, were an intelligent race, then they would know of the ‘Circle of Nine Points’, as it describes the structure of the Universe in its gross and subtle form. We agreed that this message should also be included as well and this also was sent four times. A diagram of the Circle of Nine Points can be seen in Fig 2 - sorry about the quality. See my notes below this article if you wish to understand the exact nature of how this diagram works and what it all means.

Beyond the lights, nothing of any other obvious note was seen on the night of the transmission. However, on the following day, posted on Crop Circle Connector was a report of a new formation that went down on the night we sent our messages. This was the formation at Lewisham Castle, Aldbourne, Wiltshire. See Figs 3 & 4.

You will notice from the start that we have a large circle. Within that circle is a nine by nine grid. When it was first reported I was too busy looking for our ID answer, so I missed the significance of what was being shown. It took Martin to wake me up to what was down in the field. We had a grid of nine by nine. Our final question transmitted on the previous night was “Do you know of the Circle of Nine points”. Here was nine in the field. Thank goodness for teamwork, as I may have continued to miss the point. 9 x 9 = 81, 8 + 1 =9. As soon as I saw this, I also noticed that the grid was held within a large circle. Using the Circle of Nine Points diagram, above the large circle represents the Absolute, this containing the nine numbers or the nine elements. When I looked closer at the crop formation, I noticed that whichever side one started from, the first four lines had a different pattern, the fifth line again a different pattern. The next four lines were a complete mirror image of the first four lines.

I might be reading something into this that is not there, but I think we have had an answer to our final message, “Do you know of the circle of nine points”. I think that the first four lines represent the four gross elements of the circle of nine points that I have tried to explain above. The fifth line in the formation is the Ether or Space, the Akasha element, and the four next lines are a mirror image of the front four lines. These represent the four subtle elements in the circle of nine points diagram. [See also Geoff Stray’s thoughts on this formation in this month’s Headlines - Ed]

It seems to me that they, whoever ‘they’ are, are saying “of course we know of the Circle of Nine Points. This is our version of it, which you should be able to see.” Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but it does seem quite astonishing that we ask this question and almost straight away we have an answer in the form of a crop circle representing NINE. Remember, part of one of the messages was a request to send us a formation as part of their answer.

I have also noticed that if one stands the formation so that the grid is on its corner, there is also a cross pattern, and if one looks at the cross it has remarkable similarities to a man standing with his arms and legs in a star form, like Leonardo Da Vinci showed with his man standing in the squared circle. There also a line of eight cubes, four cubes and two cubes to the centre, and from the centre out to the other side, the same sequence. In the Circle of Nine Points, there is significance with numbers 2, 4 & 8. I am going to look into this.

I put this forward to you all as I believe we had an answer to our experiment in this formation. Not a conclusive answer, I know, but this in my experience is often the way of things with the circlemakers. Perhaps it is up to us to find another question, so they can enlarge on the answer they have just given. Maybe up until now we have been looking in the wrong place for answers, or should I say thinking in a too Newtonian scientific way to understand what is being presented? To me the Crabwood Farm message, to us, was, on the face of it, a strange message, but I have always thought it had a rather philosophical overtone to it. Maybe we have to stop thinking in Newtonian/scientific ways and think in a more philosophical way. Maybe we are asking the wrong questions in the wrong way. Should we be asking questions on a deeper level, seeing what is being presented on a deeper level? If we ask the right question, maybe we will get an answer that makes more sense. One thing I have noticed over the years of looking at this phenomenon is that for each circle that goes down, and for all the circles that make us go “WOW” there is also the voice inside of me that says, ”Well of course, what else would go down anyway?” It’s as though we already know what had appeared at a very deep level. At least that’s how it seems to me, and with this in mind maybe we should contemplate this whole phenomenon at a deeper level so we can ask the right questions.

The team and I open this out to all to shoot us down in flames if you think we are being fanciful, and would welcome any feedback or comments. However, it does seem very strange that we send out that question and on the same night we get this formation of NINE. No one else knew what we were to ask or what hill we were to send the messages from, apart from us.




I will explain a little of the detail of the Fig.2 diagram to help the reader to understand the meaning of the Circle of Nine Points and the thinking behind my suggestion that we should send it. Note; if any of you are wondering what the strange writing is, the main diagram is written in Sanskrit. I have done a translation for those who do not understand or read Sanskrit.

As I said above, the Circle of Nine Points is a representation of the structure of the Universe in its gross and subtle forms. It is a very ancient concept and has its origins in the Vedas. It also has many levels of meaning and understanding, and although I have been studying this for some time I am not an expert and my work with it is ongoing. I find that it has many levels to it which drop into the paradoxical realms, one moment one sees many levels all at once, and in a flash they are gone, but having said that it does leave one with a deeper knowing.

For some of you, this may be basic knowledge, but for those who do not know I will continue. In creation there are only nine numbers and a zero. Any other numbers we use are just a combination of those nine numbers from 1 to 9 (see diagram). One can multiply nine with any number and yet the total of the digits will always be nine; for example, 9 x 2 = 18. 1 + 8 = 9, and 9 x 3 =27. 2 + 7 = 9 and so on. The number nine thus always remains nine. (Note; an intelligent race would know this, as we do). After nine is ten, a one and a zero, one being represented by the Absolute and zero by the unmanifest. (In the diagram 1 = Consciousness or the Absolute and zero; the Saguna Brahman-Universal Absolute, the unmanifest).

Again referring to the diagram, the inner circle starts with 1 through to 4. At 1, the gross element Earth, or Pritivi, 2 the element Water, or Jala, 3 the element Fire, or Tejas, and 4 the element Air, or Wayu. These elements are stuff that we and all of creation are made of in its gross form; nothing in creation has any of these missing.

At five in the diagram comes Ether or Space, the Akasha. The element has largely gone out of fashion in the scientific world, but it is still there for all of that. In fact, this element is almost the most important of the elements, for without it in place there could be no communication between the gross and subtle worlds. Dare I say no communications, full stop? No understanding, no learning, no movement forward, in fact no movement at all. When we look around us, this clearly is not the case. We see movement everywhere. So I put it to you the element must be in place and working well for all that science has to say about it. The reason it is so important is that it is the gateway or transformer between the gross and subtle worlds.

We move on now to the subtle world of the Circle of Nine Points: These are the elements from 6 through to 9 on the inner circle in the diagram. 6 is the subtle element intellect, or Aham or Mahat, 7 the subtle element nature, or Prakriti, 8 the subtle element of the unmanifest creation, or Avyakta, and 9 the subtle element of the universal Absolute, or Saguna Brahman. Note this is all on the inner circle.

If we then move on to the outer circle on the diagram you will see that the elements are in reverse. So the subtle elements are a mirror of the gross elements, and the gross elements are a mirror of the subtle elements. Therefore the gross and subtle worlds are interlinked. This is where it starts to get a little complicated and I do not intend to go into this area of the Circle of Nine Points here. This is an attempt to give you a basic understanding of the general workings of the system, a system, I believe, that any intelligent beings would know of or would have discovered, as it is a universal principle. Hence my reason for including it as one of the messages we transmitted.

Fig.1: 'Alien & Disc', Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire, Aug 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)
Fig.1: 'Alien & Disc', Crabwood, Winchester, Hampshire, Aug 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)


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