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‘Out in the Fields’, a new DVD/video recording the formations of 2003, as put together by the Crop Circle Connector website team, has been released. MARILYN PENROD sits down to watch it…

I love this video. It's lively, it's alluring, and it's fun to watch. Okay, I freely admit I'm a bit partial to these blokes, but I think I would feel the same if I didn't know them or their years of dedicated work out in the fields. I love their spirit, their heart, and their vigorous determination to let us in on the most intimate details of the crop circle story. These personal qualities come through full-blown in the video.

With footage culled from a vast cache of aerial, close-up and pole shots, we are treated to 48 minutes of well-seasoned insights and stunning, often sensual, imagery rarely seen in crop circle videos. Along with breathtaking vistas, there are brilliant close-ups of complex woven floors, nuances of construction and embellishments of design. I have the sense that we are looking deep inside the soul of the formations through the compassionate lenses of these expert videographers.

The story takes place in the summer of 2003 [as a bonus ‘special feature’, footage of the 2002 season is also thrown in]. With style and flair, Stuart Dike takes us on a narrated walkabout in the hills and vales of mystical magical Wiltshire, which plays hostess to most of England's and the world's crop circles.

This is not a whodunit, nor is it a scientific analysis. It is a different take - an exploration of the mystery of the ancient sacred landscape and the visiting crop circles, their relationship to each other and our human connection to it all. Music and narration move us along and we find ourselves at the end longing for more - which, we are told, the producers promise to turn out at the end of the 2004 season.

‘Out in the Fields 2003’ is available on DVD or VHS cassette (PAL or NTSC): Prices, inc. p&p - £12.95 (UK), $19.95 (USA/Canada/Japan), 18.95 Euros (Europe), £13.95 (Australia/NZ/South Africa). Cheques payable to ‘Crop Circle Connector’. Send to: 11 Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AB, UK.

Or order directly online at:



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