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SHORT CUTS - 11/06/2004

Some more little snippets from our readers…

An unusual coincidence happened with one of the first wheat formations of the year and a painting I just completed called "Winds of the Star Nation People". This coincidence appeared to be telepathic in nature. I believe this event happens to many people involved in the formations. Go to this link for the story, picture of the formation and the new painting:

Also visit:



Any chance your website might wish to mention some recent developments? My book ‘CROP CIRCLES: THE HIDDEN FORM’ has a nice review in the 'Mathematics Teaching' current issue, THE journal for math schoolteachers. It says every school maths department needs a copy! It’s at:

’Crop Circles: The Hidden Form’, published by Wessex Books, can be found at an awesomely low price (considering all the colour pics), together with the Andy Thomas-edited ‘An Introduction to Crop Circles’, at:



Please visit my gallery where I display crop circle art... I made a nice piece based on the Patcham 2004 formation:



I think crop circles are alien graffiti designed with nothing more than the intent of showing other aliens that they are not the only ones that have made it to this side. Confusing us is nothing more than a welcomed residual effect. Let’s continue to try and figure this nonsense out and keep them amused...



The Friends of Thornborough [fighting to preserve ancient Yorkshire henges from quarrying destruction] now have a new domain name:

Your continued support will be appreciated.



In a past Feedback contribution, Michael Melius from South Dakota enquires about satellite involvement in crop circle creation. I myself did wonder whether this was a possibility... I searched around the library and dug out... what a coincidence!... a book called ‘Spacecraft, Air Photography and Archaeology... Unmanned Satellites’ by R N Riley. In it, he states that "some carry sensors which scan the Earth’s surface and are able to transmit signals that can be displayed on the ground as picture elements or pixels”!! I approached Michael Glickman at a conference and put this to him... He looked at me bleary-eyed and said "Absolutely”!!!!

Which explains everything doesn’t it? [No! Michael says he has no recollection of this brief conversation and most certainly does not believe satellites make crop circles – Ed]



Dear Swirled News, I'm glad you're back.

With reference to your "winter hibernation": A hibernation is something that by definition occurs in the winter. Such a withdrawal in the summer is an aestivation.



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