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MARS BAHS - 14/06/2004

DOUG ROGERS makes some interesting connections between the recent Mars discoveries and the Chilbolton formations of 2001

Notice that crop circle writers are still reluctant to recognize that the Chilbolton design, a redrawn Arecibo broadcast, is of OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. Recently we have received photos taken by the Mars Rover, "Opportunity". Those photos of surface details are telling NASA people that Mars at some time was wet, or may still be wet below the surface. Our wet neighbouring planet may have been home to various forms of life, with the outside possibility that some of that life may still exist. News to that effect was passed along to us at Chilbolton in August of 2001, but we don't seem to be able to accept it.

What can you write in your "Swirled News" that will provoke our fellow circle researchers to rethink everything presented to us at Chilbolton?? I, for one, am convinced that Chilbolton was chock full of information that we have taken much too lightly for these past three years!! The follow-up design at Crabwood Farm one year later [the alien and disc] was a masterpiece of self-control, drawn by an informant who did his/her best to shake us out of our lethargy. The "shake" was ignored... unsuccessful... and the frustration with our ignorance became obvious when nothing... NO MESSAGE... was presented to us via the fields in 2003.

Do we really expect another informative message to arrive in August of 2004? What has been done since 2001 or 2002 to improve atmospheric conditions here on Earth? How many chances do we get to react to "Much PAIN but still time" [part of the message decoded on the Crabwood disc]?



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