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GRASSED OFF - 17/06/2004

JENNIFER M DAVIS has been blessed with a crop circle in her lawn…

I am a gardener living in Portland, OR. I have been following the crop circle reports for some time, and I have been really fascinated with them. I can't help but feel that perhaps these are signs from some entity or entities which are trying to tell us something.

I read in a crop circle report about a lady who photographed a light around the crop circle, because she first asked the "circlemakers'" permission to do so. This intrigued me, and standing in my garden on the evening of Monday, March 29, 2004, I asked very humbly, if the "circlemakers" chose, that I would be honoured to have a crop-circle in my garden, if dialogue with humans was their intent.

I went to bed, and next morning looked out my windows and noticed nothing unusual at all. So I went about my business. Then, later in the day I went to work in my garden, and saw in some tall grass a perfectly flat swirl of grass in a circular pattern, with the typical centre like many crop circles I have seen. The crop circle was only about one and one-half feet in diameter.

The picture was taken about three days after the circle appeared, so it's not quite as pristine looking as it was at first. None the less, it's intriguing.

Even my husband, who is a sceptic, was puzzled and excited. The crop swirled clockwise, and for four days was perfectly flat, with only two broken stems on the very top - the rest of the grass just laid flat. Then, on April 8, the circle was beginning to disappear as the grass stood up again. Some of the grass blades, I noticed, appeared singed.

I have to admit I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. We couldn't replicate this swirled technique with other grass nearby... it's just a big mystery to me. However, as I pointed out to a friend, if this "circlemaker" could hear and understand me as I spoke very softly in my garden, then what are we to think? If that entity is capable of this, and means to harm us, then one would think that harm would have already occurred.

But I want to say, that I spoke with respect to this "circlemaker." I think that is why this entity replied. I ultimately think that if we ask questions of this entity, with respect, that it will likely reply and answer our questions, concerning why this entity is here, what its purpose is, and other relevant questions such as this.

I suggest, in fact, that perhaps the time has come for people all over the world to attempt to create a dialogue with these "circlemakers," first imagining symbols for "YES" and "NO" for yes or no questions. Then, make the question as specific as possible. I think that these circles deserve our investigation!

I hope these circlemakers are here for peaceful purposes (and so far, feel that they are), but in any case, I firmly believe they understand us, and can hear us, if we direct our words to them.



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