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FROM LITTLE ACORNS… - 18/06/2004

ROSE WOOD makes some interesting connections from the map reference of a recent formation…

I don't know if you have seen the Telegraph Hill formation on the Crop Circle Connector site:

What struck me more than the formation itself was the precise map location - TL112288. When the numbers are paired, the Master Number 11 is multiplied by 1, 2 and 8 - making the 11, 22 and 88. 1, 2, and 8, maybe coincidentally, total 11 - the day the formation was discovered. Also from the Map locator, T = 20th letter of the alphabet, and L = 12th letter. 20th December is the day before Yule (Winter Solstice) when this year the Sun enters Capricorn. If you add the 20 to the 12 you get 32, which gives you 26 (letters of the alphabet) plus 6 - the sixth month being June, along with the Master Number 11, when the formation was laid.

Don't you just love mathematical connections? Incidentally, for what it is worth, if the formation was laid overnight, then 10th June was when the Celtic Tree Month of Oak began, which, when summarised, is endurance and fortitude - and who doesn't need that right now?

Acorns are the fruit of that tree, and we all know the adage 'from little acorns...', so to me, with my Wiccan beliefs, this is the beginning of a series of lessons. I also think the formation is really three-dimensional at least, and if you think of a child's gyroscope that balances on a pencil lead or an astrolabe with the motion of the planets, but imagine a two-dimension cross-sectional diagram, that's what I feel we have here.

Oh well, they say there is only a very fine line between genius (I am a member of MENSA, after all) and insanity - maybe I crossed that line and didn't realise! Talking of which, 11th June is day 163 of the year, and 15 x 11 is 165, so that's pretty close, and the 15th letter of the alphabet is O (hence my reference to 15 x 11) - and what were the old formations called? Crop CIRCLES!!!!!

Also, if you divide the 112288 by 11, you get 10208, which when written in base 9 equates to (1 x 6561) + (2 x 81) + (8 x 1) making 6731 (or 6 plus (7 + 3 + 1 = 11), which is the 11th June, when the formation was discovered! Why base 9? Maybe September - as 22nd (the Master Number again) is Mabon/Fall Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra.

Finally, given the proximity of this formation to Luton Airport, the Circle Makers certainly didn't want this one to go unnoticed!



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