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SUZANNE TAYLOR has a new initiative designed to encourage wider investigation of the crop circle phenomenon, and is looking for signatures to petition the scientific community and the media…

Given my belief that the fundamental need in our dangerous world is a change of consciousness, and that the awareness that we're being visited would produce that, literally blowing people's minds out of the perspective where violence against one another is so acceptable, I continually point to the crop circle phenomenon to try to get "CONTACT" into headlines. My latest effort is to get well-known people to call attention to what's going on in the fields, for which I've been circulating this:


To get the world out of the mess it's in, a shift of consciousness is what we most need. We'll never solve the world problematique without it - as Einstein said, problems are not solvable at the level of consciousness that created them. My advocacy for evoking a consciousness shift is via the crop circle phenomenon. This most unusual thing happening on Earth has not been taken seriously - you can think of Galileo for how radical change is resisted. Research that has been done, however, leads to the conclusion that a non-human agency is making these marks on Earth. Since we've never identified anything other than ourselves with the capacity to design, there's no way to know the source, but we can study the footprints that source leaves. They show the phenomenon as a function of processes we can't perform, done by intelligences with design capacities that exceed virtually all people's talents. When this is introduced into the world's conversation, it won't go away and figures to open people's minds at a time when everyone is imploded in a small minded violent engagement.

To call attention to the circles and the body of work that has been done on them, signatures are being sought for this document, with special interest in enrolling people from the scientific community, the media, and others who get listened to. All it says is that the situation should be investigated - no one has to be a believer for that.

‘WHAT IF THEY’RE REAL? A Call For an Investigation of Available Research on Crop Circles’. [This is the document for signature, which supports the value of the call it makes and gives information that points to the authenticity of the phenomenon]:

Not satisfied with the response I was getting, I put up a post on my blog,, called "MY PLEA," that goes on to say more. (It won't be the top post when you get this - scroll down.) I've cut and pasted it to send it around, and am getting responses to it. How about Swirled News readers signing on and helping get other signatures with either version or with something you might say? (Also, let me know if you'd like to be on my list for politically progressive posts that harp on crop circles as a way out of the mess we're in.)

One special thing to call attention to is a cyberspace "booklet" the document links to, "Why Real Crop Circles Can't be Hoaxed":

If anybody knows who took pictures that aren't credited, please let me know. Also, nothing is in stone - suggestions are welcome.

Executive Producer, ‘CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth’


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