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POLLY CARSON corrects a point made in her recent Feedback contribution, while adding in some further thoughts on the ‘Proclamation’…

Thank you for publishing my response to the 'Proclamation Initiative'. Unfortunately, I unwillingly maligned Ron Russell in my response - it seems that Ron has always paid (over the odds as well) the farmers involved and so I most humbly apologise, Ron. I also must thank you for your efforts in trying to persuade other 'artists' to compensate farmers too.

Which leads me on to a couple of thoughts I have had since reading all the responses to Colin's 'initiative'.

Firstly, whenever I have asked people like Matt Williams, etc:

“But just who are all these people who go out night after night across the country (well, the world) and have done for decades, making these things?”

I am always given the answer:

“Oh, there are hundreds of teams”.

Well, there would have to be, wouldn't there?

So, how come they haven't signed the 'Proclamation Initiative'? Obviously Colin must know who they are, seeing as he knows that 80% are hoaxed - so presumably he knows who does them, or at least has a rough idea.

Secondly, as this is a wonderful new venture into truth and honesty and co-operation with the farmers, can I ask how many farmers who have had crop circles on their land over the last, what, roughly 18 years in this area, have actually been notified that, at long last, they can be guaranteed that no human is going to go onto their land and trample their livelihood?

They are going to be delighted, needless to say, and, safe in the knowledge that this is no longer a man-made phenomenon, will no doubt co-operate themselves in the promotion of crop circles - something that will benefit the cause beyond belief.

POLLY CARSON (ex farmer, Alton Priors)


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