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BROWN AND MILD - 21/06/2004

ALLAN BROWN also has a new website he wishes to alert people to, which raises important crop circle issues…

I have recently set up a website to house an article that I've put together entitled 'The East Field/ South Field Duality'. Hopefully this is the first of series of articles (time permitting), and whilst the site will ostensibly deal with the geometrical side of things, in this particular piece I explore some of the interesting ground observations and details that have emerged through close study of several formations that have appeared over the last couple of years. I hope that these will be of use to people, especially those who may not be in a position to visit fresh formations themselves and are therefore unable to make detailed on the ground observations.

Taking the two formations that appeared in East Field and then South Field at Alton Barnes in August of last year as a point of focus, I explore the nature of crop circle design and geometry and through looking at specific lay details I attempt to put aspects of the man-made/genuine debate into some sort of perspective.

Because there are a lot of images to view and the article is quite long, I recommend getting the text up on screen and then logging off while you read it. Once you've read the article, you can log back on and view the related imagery; hopefully this will save your phone bill.

I hope this piece will be of use and I will update the article at some point to accommodate any further observations/comments and details that come to light as a result of making this initial research available.

The website can be found at:



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