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A new report of an eye-witness to a crop circle forming has come to light courtesy of investigations carried out in Poland by the BLT Research group. Meanwhile, fish have started turning up with crop circle designs embedded into their scales…

A new press release from Nancy Talbott of BLT Research reads:


“In 2003 Nancy Talbott (BLT Research Team Inc.) had the opportunity to visit Wylatowo, Poland and carry out fieldwork there in conjunction with people from the Nautilus Foundation and with the help of a British team-mate, Dan Lobb. Among other interesting events recorded there was a spectacular eyewitness account of a crop circle forming in 2000, involving a complex aerial object settling down in a field in which, the following morning, a crop circle was found - the design of which closely resembled the visually-perceived object of the night before.

This is the first time, to our knowledge, that the action of a complex aerial object has resulted in the production of a crop circle whose design mimicked the object itself.

Additionally, the design produced (I have been told by several Poles that it is called a "Polish Cross") was both replicated and/or elaborated upon in the years following... and not only in fields. A fisherman, in another area of Poland altogether, caught a carp with the same design embedded into both sides of its body in a totally inexplicable manner.

To read the full report, with excellent photos, go to:

and click on either "Updates" or "Eyewitness Reports."

Another BLT report of an eyewitness to a UFO landing in Golabki, Poland, with recovered physical evidence and analyses which prove the presence of intense heat having been present has also been issued and is available at:

Two more reports on the Poland trip will be forthcoming soon, one of which suggests the source for the recovered physical evidence at Golabki may have been fields nearby, the other of which will provide photos of the Polish crop circles along with sample plants/controls, as well as multiple photographic anomalies recorded during the trip.”


Congratulations to BLT for continuing their diligent and dedicated investigations around the world.


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